Wednesday 19 October 2011

Guess I............

Guess I’d fallen in love already

The ground lay clothed in linen, silver grey
Then I saw you standing there beneath the bare, willow tree guess I’d fallen in love with You already.
Silver linings of snow hung from Your chin as though You had just eaten a ripe fruit.
Smatterings of glitter add surreal beauty to this already beautiful landscape.
All that I have known of love is as cold as winter yet now it is as beautiful as this winter wonderland.
Your eyes as clear as gold, refined, your hair silver as the clouds during a festival of rain, YOU
Guess I’d fallen in love with You already.
The bare, willow trees arms are outstretched in might and the snow carpets a frozen floor.
You stand staring into the distance and I stand staring at Your divinity, clothed in white, decadent in frosting;
Guess I’d fallen in love with You already all that was left was for You to take my hand and so You did.

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