Friday 27 January 2017

FMF - Little Bits, I Grasp

FMF - Five Minutes of unedited free flow of words on the prompt of "Control," let's Go!

I stand in a heap, my days needs, deadlines and things, all lie like pieces of paper littered on the floor at a party. Except this is no party, it's me needing to figure things out. I turn on the computer and peer at the screen, brace myself with this new challenge called decluttering. I take my time, step out on to the balcony and sit down beneath the warm night sky that glistens and gleams beautifully. How long has it been, since I have done this, this very thing that often leaves me refreshed, breathing more easily. God joins me on my red cushion, bringing His knees up to His chest like I do when I have need of Him. He speaks to me about what to take on and what not to take on. He teaches me about how to live freely. I am stilled. I understand more about my life, more about my time. I rise to my feet and return to my chair. Little bit by little bit, each day passes and I grasp tiny bits of projects and deadlines - I look to the Holy Spirit and ask Him, is this one for me? I respond with working, little bits by little bits, as I can, as I am able. When he says no, I toss it away, happy to be knowing that not everything has to be handled by me. Tiny steps, little threads sewing in to this life's tapestry. This deep inner working of knowing that I am in control of how and what I can do, and to this time un-management queen, this means more then anyone can know!

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  1. You paint a lovely image with your words. I especially love the little bits that feel like confetti. As I mom, I often feel like I'm cleaning up after a party I didn't get to attend. ;-)

  2. "Happy to be knowing that not everything has to be handled by me." Oh what a wonderful thought! It's so important to remember that. Thank you for reminding me today. (I'm your neighbor at FMF this week! I look forward to reading more of your blog. You had me at "Africa.")

  3. I just loved your post. The very image of bringing everything to the Lord and freely dropping what does not fit. Dropping by from FMF.
    Have a great day!