Wednesday 9 November 2016

MeaningFull Poetry Week: Bianca's Heart

Day4 and what a day to share our hearts and lives! Today I am blessed to introduce my fellow friend and sister Bianca Pipe.
Bianca is a Yeshua pursuing, tea hoarding, animal loving South African. As someone who is a big planner and likes things to go according to said plan, she is terrifyingly and wonderfully in awe as she experiences all these plans unravel and watches as Yahweh creates a story for her life much better than the one she had originally planned for. Currently, she finds herself as an accidental nomad in England as she discovers who she is in Yeshua and all that He has in store for her life. She occasionally shares bits of her story over at Written by Rivkah

Bianca does not write poetry or even considers herself a writer, but she wrote a moving Psalm through a personal encounter with her God, here are her words..

A Psalm

A season of life without words
A destitute land.
Forgotten, abandoned, left for dead.
Why have you forsaken me, my God?
When will you remember me?

I cried out onto empty ears.
I searched high and low
I searched for You but You were nowhere to be seen.

Please, my God, remember me.
May Your anger towards me disappear,
Before I do.

In a destitute land, it was there.
It was there where You found me.
Broken, beaten, bleeding.

You lifted me in Your arms.
Cradled me close to Your chest.
I could hear the beating of Your heart against my ear.

Come, My darling daughter.
Come, rest in My arms.
Weep no more, daughter
For I am with you.

Along the still waters, I walked
Hand in hand, gazing into Your eyes
The warm glow of the sun on my bare face.

Forever loved, forever safe in Your care
And now, out of my mouth comes no more wailing
But rather a song.
A song of restoration
A song of grace.
Words that speak of Your majesty and saving power
A song for my King and my Beloved.

A song for the nation
A song for the future

A song.

Her favourite Poem;

I am Woman by Aliyah Lauren Jacobs, (thanks my friend!:))

The reason that this is my number one poem is because when I read it, a fire within me is ignited. This poem causes a light to be cast on all that I have been through. Things that were meant to defeat me, reject me and silence me. This poem makes me see that these things instead made me unconquerable in Him, accepted in Him and helped me to live more loudly and boldly than what I ever thought I’d be able to. I have this poem hanging in my bedroom and when I need to be reminded of who I am, I read it. When I need encouragement, I read it. When I am feeling weak and broken and weary, I read it. It is through this poem that the Father has spoken so deeply into my heart. It reminds me of who He created us all to be. It is who we are – unafraid, hand-made, warrior, ruler, poet, queen.

I am Woman

By Lauren Jacobs

I am Woman – I choose to be undefined.

Undefeated but despised.





But I am Woman – unafraid to be seen.

I am me – a woman and everything that means.




Ruler, poet


Boldly powerful,

With a need to be seen.

This is Woman – take a look and see





But still undefeated; Queen.

I am Woman! Possessing a powerful form.






She is Woman and all that means!




A Freer.





I am woman, a spark inflamed, crowned with glory

That is all of me. She is woman, poet, ruler, Warrior, Queen.

Sharing at Holley Gerth

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