Friday 13 May 2016

Without knowing it - Grown, FMF

This evening as I sat down to work on the design and writing work for my new author website, I was hesitant. But I knew today was the day, my husband did the build work and it was time for me to go! When I started writing on the pages, adding my content, the hours flew by! I did not even realise how the time had passed (my neck is attesting to this now!) Then as I wrote and edited the social justice page, I slipped in to this space where I was happy, excited and altogether joyful. A space I have not inhabited for a long time. It was amazing. I stopped to pause and look over the work that had come together on the pages and I breathed in. I have grown. Years ago I sat outside wondering how ever I would be able to challenge and encourage people to look around them, at the worlds needs. Now, I can see how much I have written, how much I have connected and how much I am anticipating in this new season. How much God has grown me, how much the light in this truth has grown - this truth of a growing heart that yearns to make a difference. With my book coming out in 7 weeks, I am finally feeling the pinch of excitement and trying to just chill out about it. But why should I chill out, I am super excited! BUt in it all it is not just about the pages of this book, it is about the message, the message for people, the message of more, the message that is from Heaven's Throne. Without realising it I have grown, inwardly and I am changed, how I praise God for this! 

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  1. Hi, what a beautiful blog, and what a lovely reflection on your own growth and on God's faithfulness! We're FMF neighbors today; I'm in spot #43 and you can find me at FMF: Grow.

  2. Hi, Aliyah, I love this line: "Now, I can see how much I have written, how much I have connected and how much I am anticipating in this new season." The waiting and working has grown something beautiful I see: a book. Celebrating with you! That is an accomplishment and something that took lots of slow growth you couldn't always see. How marvelous He is! Beautiful picture and beautiful words. -Christina in spot #45 at fmf

  3. Thanks for sharing your heart via Five Minute Friday. I've just released my first book (a week ago). Will have to look through your blog to find out about your to support first-time authors. Love hearing how God has carried you forward in this calling.

  4. So, I see you're not a first-time author at all...sorry for assuming. Just reading through your "about" page.

  5. Congratulations on your book! How exciting! I'm your neighbor at Lisha's linkup. Have a great week-end and enjoy your week-end!

    Donna @ Soul Survival