Thursday 24 September 2015

Singing of Your Wounds

Tonight, we begin the fast of the Biblical feast Day called Yom Kippur (Leviticus 23). We rejoice in the reality that our amazing Messiah Yeshua took our sins and paid the ultimate price for our redemption, complete. Yet, we live in obedience to the word and observe the beautiful feasts God has given to us, aappointments, anniversaries, meeting times where we are called to receive special blessings that flow from God's own time calendar. This afternoon as I sat I was overwhelmed by the very real Many named Yeshua who took on a death that we should of bore. The depth of His love  overwhelms me, the Man and the God who gave it all. God and I have a speech, a song of sorts that stirs between us, its called poetry and in this moment we spoke. I wanted to share it and wish everyone who will be fasting, many blessings!

I softly slip away, close the door behind me, barefooted, I steal away.
I come in to this place and kneel. Surrounded by such Love, You take my breathe away. You.
I now know while I’m here, surrendered and open hearted, open handed, in love with all of You.
I know now that I no longer have to hold my eyeslids tightly shut, I can peer up into Your once blood stained face.
I am not unaware that here where I stand, my feet touch the ground and I loved deeply because of Grace.
I see You Yeshua and boy do I love You. You.
I am not a fool, I smile in the knowledge that I can live free all because of You. Grace.
And I know now more than ever that when You pulled the cross and thought of me,
when Your heart beat fiercely for the pain I should have bore,
for the sickness that scarred my body, leaving me and hanging on to your flesh,
for the fatherlessness I wakled with for 28 years, for the separation that forced my soul
in to despair, for all of it and so much more – for every blow at the hand of man,
for this and oh so much more, I know that You took it all and Loved me still in the midst of wounds and all.
I know that the sun will fall and the clouds will hang like curtains as I whisper evening prayers.
Yom Kippur will fall, a time to afflict the soul
and yet I know, this year is special.
Gosh, how much I love You Yeshua.
Many kneel to confess, to fall down on broken knees for what is already ours. Salvation.
I hear You whisper, come and dance with Me. It’s time to dance, it’s time to rise, it’s time to be all we can be. Rise up my Love and come away with Me.
How many times You have told me – this Yom Kippur is about the
revealing, the crowns on locks of hair of children called only by Your Sacred Name.
It’s about the revealing of Your choosing, sons and daughters of God and if it were not so,
You would not have told us so.
It’s time to rise alive.
I am not unaware but more convinced than before, not only for our redemption and sin
did you take on sin for us all but for complete reconciliation to a Loving Papa,
did you bear the cross, broken wounds and all.
Confession should be done, with Salvations Author we should already be One.
Tonight as the curtain falls, Heavens Tabernacle will open and Papa’s Heart will
be blazing for His children.
For reconciliation You came and lived, so that we could be deeply Loved, deeply enjoyed,
deeply cherished and adored by a Loving Papa – this is why You gave Your all.
My Brother, You opened the door, welcomed me in.
You’re home now sister, come with Me.
Papa sat in that special rocking chair, His feet gentle touching the ground and with one jump
this child climbed in to Papa’s Loving Lap and slept. Papa. You.
For this Love, Yeshua my Messiah, You gave Your all and tonight this Fall Feast,
You call us to give our all, for the sake of the call, the sons and daughters trumpet call.
It is time, 
redemption is ours, salvation has been settled.
Our Home is on its way, we can no longer live as orphans when You gave us everything we need to be made whole.
Daddy, help us fall in to the call of a Fierce Love that gave His all.

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