Saturday 26 September 2015

FMF - Why Doubt, but Believe in the John Mark's around You

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South Africa is a rugby nation, its been in our blood since way back when. Since Nelson Mandela called the Rugby Captain Francois Pienaar and told him we gotta win the world cup and we did! And then in 2007, we did it again. Nothing joins people together quite like sport does, it makes neighbors friends, strangers family, sport is strange like that. But last week when we watched South Africa's opening rugby world cup game end in a horrific loss to none other then Japan, who never won a world cup rugby game since 1991, people lingered on the bad. It's something I dislike about people, people are quick to criticise, quick to tell jokes, make fun and mock. When these are peoples lives, they dont just play a world cup to win, they play because they love the game. 

 I always think about this response when I read the story of John Mark. Sure he got scared and left Paul and Barnabas on their missionary journey without him but Barnabas insisted on giving John Mark a second chance, while Paul insisted on letting him go. This disagreement turned out for the good, John Mark became a leader among the believers and eventually Paul and him were reconciled. But we shouldn't give up on people too quickly, after one meeting, one appointment, one phone call, one rugby match or missionary journey. Tonight the Boks, our rugby team laid in to Samoa and beat them hard, yip people will be praising them tomorrow. But what really matters is when you stand by someone or something even when the outcome was not what you expected and you can celebrate who they are even if the losses.


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