Thursday 6 March 2014

The warmth of a flower hug

A friend of mine takes the most beautiful pictures of flowers, birds, animals and all sorts of things. She has shared this picture and because of her kindness I can share it here - to bless others. 

Last night in prayer time with my husband, Father broke my heart intensely as we sat in His presence.

Often, He allows me to feel deeply the pain or brokenness in others, but last night He broke my heart for the pain of the earth, meaning the physical earth - the land and the animals. I felt the pain and burden that the earth is feeling and the sorrow in the souls of His creation , which He declared to be "very good."
I cannot explain the depth of this to you - because it is without words and beyond description, although I have always LOVED animals, I now sense a difference in my understanding of them. Today I read about a 19th century woman of God named Zilpha Elaw, I read the following in the article about her which appeared in Charisma Magazine: "One day while milking a cow, Zilpha saw Jesus walking toward her. He appeared to say, "Thy prayer is accepted; I own thy name." Zilpha first thought she was seeing things; but when the cow looked in the same direction, bent its front legs and lowered its head to the ground, she knew the Lord had come to answer her prayer." 

I am tired of people looking at the earth as something disposable and I am tired of people killing animals and putting them on walls. Can we hear the message within these lines? This woman of God only fully realized she was seeing the Messiah Himself, when the cow next to her bowed and acknowledged the King? This should take your breath away.

The animals are part of God, they came forth from Him and He loves them dearly. He spared Nineveh because of the 150 000 animals (if you look at this word in the original it does not say cattle - it says animals, meaning all animals) who lived in the city. I often imagine Papa walking on the bottom of the ocean when He wants to be alone. He walks on the bottom of the oceans we have never even explored (70% of the ocean still lies undiscovered) and there He talks to the whales and exotic fish, sea life and Creation more beautiful then we ever imagined. I believe my Papa enjoys the smell of the flowers and the feeling of the grass beneath His feet and He loves to talk to the animals, to help them give birth, to feed them and cloth them with warmth in the winter months. He loves us to experience the joy in the flowers and the hugs they give us. 

I can never see the earth, the land mass, the ocean, the creation of nature, or the animals in the same way I used to. While scientists can claim whatever they like, Father whispered to me that the earth carries cracks in it, these are cracks of brokenness. Scientists call them 'fault lines' and rightly so - for whose fault is it that the earth is currently broken? None but man's alone. 

The weight of the earth's grief is no longer hidden from Father, it is plain and His heart is breaking for the goodness which He created. I want to urge you to stop playing around by harming the earth but I want to urge you to be kind to the animals and to the creation. The Torah has specific guidelines for us regarding how we are to treat animals and Gods creation - perhaps I will post it for you to all look at, in the days to come. But for now seek Gods heart on the brokenness that He holds within, for His creation and enjoy the warmth of a hug from a flower - flowers are part of His creation, these are tender touches of Yahweh's infinite goodness....

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