Monday 17 March 2014

Just had to post something beautiful tonight. Sometimes it feels hard, we get our up days and we get our down days but right now I know that despite those feelings which are very real, there is still beauty. Beauty in God and in many things around me. I do know that in the down days like today, when its tough and intense, I have the sense that God has His Taliet (prayer shawl) open and He smiles and whispers "come, come."
That still small voice that calls passionately and tenderly, all the same - knows just how to speak to us. He knows each of our hearts and He speaks to it in the language it understands. The way He speaks to my heart wont be the way He speaks to your heart but I have the conviction that He never stops speaking even if we cannot stop our own hearts from feeling sad. 

I have always wondered about the teaching that says our souls are bad and our spirits alone are good. I heartily disagree (and this is just my personal revelation based on intense conversations with Yeshua) our souls should always be led by our spirits, as our spirits are receiving from the Ruach of Yah, but our souls should also start glowing. Our emotions have been given to us so that we may feel. I have learned that the really intense, emotional people are often the ones who experience Yahweh the closest. They are the ones who feel Yahweh the most, their depth in the spirit opens them up to deeply grasping Abba. The danger comes when we are led away by every emotion or feeling, we have to be discerning. Not led my feelings merely but by the gentle dance accompanied by our spirit which is one with Yeshua. Our souls should be daily transformed in to the image of our King and daily our feelings should be there to connect with Him. 
Even when the days are down - there is the ability to connect with Abba- for some it is easier to connect with Him when they feel sad, for others when they feel happy. Well tonight, that is where I am - sitting with my feelings beside Yeshua, He loves to hear our hearts and He loves to hear how we are feeling - I guess that is the beautiful for me tonight. That there is always still beauty in Him and in His Loving Presence wherever and whatever we are going through. May His Felling of Love for us pull us through everything!
Lailah Tov!

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