Friday 16 September 2016

Her very own Carnival

This week was my birthday week, born on the 12th I smile when my mom sends me the annual message and tells me how I was suppose to be born on the 15th, the same day as prince Harry. She feels the memory fondly, the fact that her and Lady Diana were pregnant at the same time, for her its kind of kinship I guess. I smile and reply "yea mom but I'm cooler than prince Harry."
"Yes," she says, "and much wiser" (To which she includes a picture of an owl).
I pause in a moment of doubt, "well it would be nice if I had the riches he has, that would be helpful."
The phone goes silent and then the words flash at the top typing.... "Yeah but you are rich in blessings and love my child and that's what matters."
Ah mom, always there with reminder of what's true and that's the special thing about moms!

The day after my birthday, I was blessed to accompany another mom, my sister - in - law and my brother, to their 6th month baby scan. I dont have children of my own, that was a decision my husband and I made before we were married and so to be a witness and a participant in their journey has been special. From the moment we heard they were expecting a baby, Father has placed a burning fire in my spirit to pray fervently for this precious life. To interceed fiercely and sometimes the interceeding is so spirit - led that I feel as though I am roaring like a lioness. When they finally found out the baby's sex a few weeks ago, the lioness picture kept on coming up in my mind. I see this pack of lionesses in my mind and I see the strength among them. The day they found out they were having a girl, my brother sent me a message and asked me what I thought of Ariella as her name, I was astounded that they would choose this name. "Ariella?" I said excitedly.
"Yes," he said, "it means lionness of God."
Of course you can imagine my delight and amazement, God's amazing grace and gift, a glimpse of His plan for her life, and her growing body in the womb. So that's her name, Ariella, the one who roars.

As we entered the gynae's room on Tuesday, I was not sure what to expect. I do confess, I thought it would be kind of mystical and deep but Father Yahweh showed me something else. As the gynae placed the probe on my sister in laws stomach, the lionness inside of her womb became very playful! Ariella put her hand up by her face as if playing a game and then she started swimming around, pulling her knees up and moving everywhere. We were laughing at her and feeling her joy! The entire day had been like that, she was kicking a lot and moving around as we toured the maternity ward and listened to all the info for new mommy's. I watched her moving and having her own carnival, her feast of play inside her mommy's womb and immediately God spoke to me about John, the baby who leapt in the womb. 

Luke 1: 43
"At the sound of Mary's greeting, Elizabeth's child
leaped within her and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy spirit."

John was six months old at Luke's account, the same age as Ariella is now and his identity was formed already. His calling so deep inside of his DNA that even from within the womb he felt his call to announce the coming Messiah. Our call and our character so deeply formed from the time of conception, so deeply one with us that it is only our sojourn in to the world that steals us away from that Sacred gift Father gives us. In part I now understand why Yeshua wants me to pray throughout Ariella's life because my family does not know Him but I do and so should Ariella. Father is so gracious and Loving that our parents may not have prayed for us, but maybe a neighbour did or a school friend, or an aunt or a cousin or a stranger. As I stood looking at her feet on the window of the scan, I was moved to think about the innocence of a baby growing in its mothers womb. We behold innocence, we behold beauty, we behold Heaven. Something we cannot describe, the miracle of life, the miracle of someone pure coming down from Heaven, birthed with a purpose to serve God and to glorify His name, for this is the calling we all have been given. As I stood watching her move, I wondered if an aunt should feel so much love for a child not her own. I received my answer that same evening when turning over the question in prayer, my husband placed a new packet of washing powder on the floor, a gift sent from my parents. A green packet, the kind we never buy and as I peered down at the name it read Ariel, (the Lion of God). Peace washed over me afresh with the loving reminder from God, "dont doubt where I have placed in you." When we walked back in to the gynae's room from the private scan, he turned to me and asked "do you have any questions?" The doctor knows my thoughts on children, he has been my specialist for six years and I recommended him to my sister in law, it was very thoughtful of him to consider me. I responded with saying how thankful I was that I could witness this journey. He looked at me and said with confidence, "you may not have your own children but you will definitely have children." And then he hugged me. It was a phrase that seemed flippant but it was a word I had been given by God for my own life, in the very darkest times where I wondered if I was making a difference in the world around me. It was the words a stranger came up and gave me after a conference three years ago. It was the words a stranger had sent me 1000's of kilometres away when praying for my life three years ago. It was words that I frowned over but have come to understand, deeply. And I am so blessed to be placed here for others and for their children and most importantly, for God's children.

In thinking about this all, the old nursery rhyme resounds in my mind, "sugar and spice and all things nice, that's what little girls are made of," but don't forget the most important thing, she also has a very loud roar, one strong enough to change the world....

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  1. This is one of the most beautiful posts I have read! I am so glad I'm your neighbor today at #Glimpses. I'm always blessed when I read your words. God has given you much love for this niece of yours and I know your prayers will make a difference. Many blessings to you!

    1. HI Gayl, I always love your words and your heart, thank you so much for your love here. I really shared deeply on this post and kind of breathed in and out when I finally hit the publish button. To share this little one's life already is a blessing. Thank you so much for the encouragement and I say yes and amen - these prayers will make a difference! Blessings of Shalom :))

  2. Beautiful story! Your writing is so poetic and moving. This was the perfect link up with Velvet Ashes. Thank you so much for telling this story!

    1. Hey Lauren, thank you so much :) I loved telling this story and always love the Grove each week, have a fabulous week :)