Friday 18 March 2016

The Greatest Art Piece

Last weeekend, my husband and I watched a very thrilling yet moving film called The Monuments Men. The film is based on true life events of a handful of men who were alive during world war 2. These men bravely went to Nazi - controlled Europe to rescue works of art that Hitler had ordered his troops to sieze. The warfare was intense, death was all around and these men - who were not even soldiers, went in to this war zone to save what we now experience as the most moving art pieces of all time. When I was 14 years old I travelled to France with my brother and my mother, there we visited the Lourve and I stared at the Mona Lisa and her smile. While watching this movie last weekend I realised that, I would never have had that experience if those men had not laid down their lives to protect something as special as art and some of these men died trying to protect what we see today.

 Part of what moved me in the film was how Hitler wanted to destroy everything the world assigns value to. He also wanted to destroy the great achievements of the Jews, wiping out their history, their culture and their achievements. As someone who is a Jewish believer in Messiah, I had never thought of this before. I had never thought of how our achievements as a scattered nation was something that threatened Hitler. I had never taken in to account that he wanted to destroy everything we brought to the world and it was intense to take to heart this reality but it also got me thinking about what we are called to do as believers.

Yeshua Messiah - Jesus Christ laid down His life to save what He calls, His greatest work of art. Ephesians 2:10 says "For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." However if you look at the original it says we are God's poeima, which literally means we are God's poetry, His masterpiece, His work of art. So in Messiah we become this redeemed art piece, this priceless valuable work of art that He reached for, snatching us from the fire of the enemy and saving our lives through laying down His own. We have also been entrusted with this amazing piece of art that the world needs to see - this work of art called the gospel. The message of redemption, holiness and salvation - it's the best art piece, the best sculpture we will ever see and experience and it's been entrusted to us. We are the monuments men and many have gone before us, laying down their lives for their faith. That's why we give up our lives to serve in other countries, it is why we willingly serve our God with our whole hearts because we have been called for more, to witness and to protect this beautiful truth. It's something that inspires me and fills me with awe. I pray to be empowered with what I need to protect this art and to fulfil my position in this army of believers! I hope you will join me!

*On a side note, for the first time I am taking part in an art market this weekend, where some of my art works will be on sale. It's pretty exciting and I am praying at least 1 piece will get sold! Excited*

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