Thursday 19 November 2015

The Un-Linear Life

I am learning the gentle strokes of Loving Lessons Father would have me learn. Reminding me of a scene I once saw when I parked off in the beach parking lot some years ago. A little girl walking on large wooden beams beside the dunes, while her father smiled and held her hand as she navigated the new activity. This loving reasurance and steady Hand always there. We are sweetly taught from the Heart of God, He is the great Advice - Giver and Loving Papa. So one of the things I have learned and is very real to me, is that life is not linear, in fact its up and down, like an undulating hill. It rarely works in an order, even though man seeks to order it. Such as attend college, meet the one, have kids, buy a house, retire, fish, travel, buy that boat or car. How many people have said that!

Yet, when we wade in to the deep waters of life, we realise it is far from ordered, rather its dynamic. Ever moving in ways and leaps that both bring joy and sadness and for everything we know, God has ordained a perfect time. Life is not a point of arrival, it's a point of living and what we do here echoes in to eternity and it's exciting and its wonderful.

Part of my life journey, has been to share the words that Father gives me. To share the language we speak between one another. I have also learned that writing for me, is something that I do with God, it's a way He teaches me and speaks to me, it's a way we communicate. And at times that communication is not for myself alone, it can be for others, like with my book coming out in July! I am so excited when I think about it and yet I know it's part of the wonder of life. When I was young I used to think of a dream as a destination, a place we arrived at that held you like a sleepy hammock. Instead, I have learned that a dream is something that hardly resembles clouds of hazy abstract-ness, rather it's hard work and deep joy. Writing a book and seeing it suddenly flourish, has been a work of God and it's a wonderful work. Today, I was in awe when I received a mail from my publisher saying that a book ordering club that caters to people who live out of city centres, and cannot get to book stores, just ordered 700 copies of my book without it even being published yet. The news was really huge for me, it was like a love - gift. The purpose of this book, is the end time message it carries. It's not the paper or the ink, or the publishers stamp on the back. I am not interested in that - what's important is the message and to know that Yahweh is taking His message and already making waves with it's arrival, this is really cool! 

Again, the time of editing has been challenging, the undulating hill quite steep but its time to hit the plateau and enjoy the view, while we dip again. Life isnt linear it's unpredictable but what is certain, is the promises of God and today He says, no eye has seen and no hear has heard what lies ahead for those who love me!


  1. Hard work and deep joy - that sounds about right! Thanks for linking with #SmallWonder.

  2. Hey Girl. Continue on - the Lord will bless you - you are in His will!