Friday 12 December 2014

Run on, wild and free...

The horse gallops around the track, it snorts and grunts, I hear it so clear – run, run, run with the wind, run, run wild, untamed and free. I hear the sound of its footsteps running, grunting, wild and free. I hear the sound of the horse thundering, thundering, thundering. Daharot Daharot abbirayv – Galloping, galloping go His mighty steeds. Galloping wild and free, tossing its mane. His legs move swiftly, timelessly, he knows what to do with every move. Effortlessly. The clouds notice his dance, they point and smile, then bless with a song. Open their mouths to sing, he hears their song in the distance, loves its sound but gallops on and on…. The clouds move on, with their path of life, each to their own home, each a purpose to own. The horse gallops on and on, in the shadow silence of serenity, away from the crowds, alone with its rider and the wooden beams that are the audience. The wooden beams that stand like hands showing the way forward, this is the path now follow it. He needs no reminder, or reassurance, he is running because he wants to, because this is who he is, what he was created for, what he will die for. Effortlessly, daharot, daharot – galloping, galloping. The sun begins to set in the comfortable sky, the clouds smile, each to his own home, everything in its place for today. The horse gallops forward, reaching forward, it runs wild and free, effortlessly, following the wooden beams that point like arrows to home, run on gentle giant, run on,  run wild and free, intent upon the prize, focused. His rider and him are one, ride on home graceful giant of God, run the race beneath the setting sky, beautifully untamed, wild on purpose and Heavenly free..

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