Saturday 21 June 2014

God's Poetry Together

Today was just such a beautiful day that I just need to share. I know that feelings and words transcend explanations but today was a beautiful day and a testimony of Yahweh's amazing goodness. A few weeks ago Father shared with me to organise a poetry afternoon. I went about searching for the clues Father was bringing me to piece this whole thing together. I met a lady who connected me with someone who became my partner in organising the event, step 1. Then Father laid two specific people (one I knew from way back and the other I had heard about in passing but had never met before) on my heart regarding a venue. Turns out they both knew each other - a fact I didnt know and they liased and boom the venue was given, on a beautiful farm outside of town, step 2. Then the poets and the guests now that was in Yeshua's Hands. Right up until the afternoon started and we were all seated did I have the foggiest clue of what was going to happen. For me it was a huge Love Hug from Daddy just being in His arms and trusting very deeply especially when organising something and you got no guidelines!
But when the three poets started sharing one by one, the moments of our stories collided and so did Gods beauty and His Spirit with our own. Khambani, Randall, and Shane' - each different, each unique, each were sharing from their own life experiences, each with a message, powerful and bold. The afternoon was beyond expression but we all got to speak in to each others lives in a most powerful way. There were words of encouragement, fears and testimonies shared, dreams coming true, a blessed Psalm read out by a friend and lots of love and encouragement. I was blessed beyond measure today, to be part of something that God did. I believe we all walked away needing the refreshment and I for one have not felt Yeshua's sweet spirit so lovingly close in a gathering with others, for a long time. There was gentleness and the love of sincere hearts. I am reflecting on Lisa Jo's post yesterday ( Because your story matters) about how much our stories matter and how sharing those stories makes us not feel so alone. It's part of Gods infinite story and its part of our story as a body. I want to honour the men and women who shared their hearts today through words because through the Word of Yahweh, the whole earth came in to being. It's a new season for Father's creative side to flow - it's time for poetry to flow from the mouth of God and it's time for His creativity to be unveiled. I believe that His creativity will cause blessings to flow forth, I am blessed to be a part of the body who are moving forward with this! Let Your will be done Yeshua, let Your will be done!!


  1. Beautiful post. A great reminder of what He can do when we follow His leading.

    1. Thanks Lisa - amen! Have a wonderful week.