Friday 25 April 2014

Five Minute Friday Post - Friend

Okay, so this week I decided to link up with the Five Minute Friday people and do their five minute challenge on a one word prompt. The Challenge is to write for five minutes non stop, no grammar checks, nadah! The prompt for this past week is Friend... I must say I found this one hard, like a block but then it hit me...

Friend. When I think of friend I think of You. Yeshua

Your words capture me, encapsulate me, you get me, you see me, you are never trying too hard to hear as you do to hear me. I love You, my Friend. The Friend who sticks closer than a brother, closer than a mother, You are Saviour and my friend. 

I love you dear friend. I am first a servant because that’s covenant, it’s not automatically rushing in and trying to walk where angels fear to tread! It’s about the process – servant, friend, child, bride. I call to You, Your words fill my heart, You get it dear Friend, Saviour, King. When I think of You, it’s You, the place I lay in and Heal, Your wounds big enough for me – that’s true friendship because you will never have an ill word to say about me, You will always love me. For what is true friendship but that a Man lay down His life for His friends..... so You laid it down all for me, my Everlasting Enduring Lover and Friend... Yeshua


  1. Amen and thank you for turning my eyes to the Truest of all Friends. Blessings.

  2. yes! Friend... think of the friend who sticks closer than a brother! And I LOVE that picture - thought immediately of Lucy and Aslan. Did you draw it?

    1. Hi Richelle, thank you yes Lucy and Aslan I just love this picture so much, I did not draw it but think I want to! Its beautiful!