Tuesday 28 May 2013

The Gender Neutral Bible Controversy

(My whimsical meditations on the issue from an English teachers perspective!)
The Gender – Sensitive Mother
Much like the embracing mother who gathers all her children within her arms showing no favouritism or regard, English gathers all of us into her bosom, allowing us to be fed with fresh milk, whilst resting comfortably upon her aged chest. The progression of a language both stable and evolving has made way for all to be included, through gender-sensitivity and thoughtfulness.
The completion of the world’s first, comprehensive English Bible hundreds of year ago, threw the religious hierarchy into a chaotic stupor! Throwing open the way for man and God to meet upon the common ground, called English. And once again as the religious world clamours among itself, the world is embracing the publication of its very own gender-sensitive Bible; allowing all to meet again upon His common ground. And who better to provide the means of Divine unity - then our mother English!
As a daughter whose voice has strained to be heard through the patriarchal gateways of society, who have blocked out the light; mother English threw open the windows and light shone in. Through the windows of gender accuracies and sensitivity, we have moved from defeated victim to overcoming survivor. She has at once acknowledged her daughters leadership and rearranged the cabinet, allowing us to move from “chairman” to “chairperson,” from enfranchised “sons” to the all inclusive “children” of God. She calls us “humankind” and not “mankind” she speaks to us as “people” and does not address us as “men.” As possessing “human authority,” seeing us as gifted and not excluded, throwing out the menhir, making way for the daughters of hers.
Oh mother English has seen our woes and answered us with comforting words so! In as much as she herself was created through diversity, through controversy and pain; a child born to different parents, left to fend for itself, borrowing and including, remodelling and refusing. She sought a path of purpose, a path of voice; a path called inclusion for all her children and they reach out to her, kiss her lips, rest upon her bosom and call her blessed.

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