Thursday 11 June 2015

The Fire Within cannot be Contained

Most people reading my blog, don't know that my husband and I are in full - time ministry. When I first started this blog I needed a safe space away from the crowds to gather my thoughts and honour my own feelings. However, lately I have been struggling with this. My season has changed and I am still the same but I can't separate myself from how I serve and where I serve in the body. So I still need this space to love and share but I also need to share what's on my heart... Recently Father has been showing me greater depth and insight in to my mandate, my position in His army and it has changed a lot within me.

This week Yeshua/Jesus gave me a very specific message for the women in the body. Women who are struggling with the idea of serving in the body. Women who are hearing that voice of God calling them deeper and so I did my first audio - visual for our ministry. I am usually the writer on our website and the speaker in real life, but here I am both and I am so excited about it! I want to share this video, with the message here on this blog because it's for His entire body and that encompasses all the special women of God.

I pray you will take the time and let it minister to your heart! 

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