Wednesday 17 June 2015

To my Darfuri Brothers and Sisters

 Darfuri brothers and sisters, we hear your cries and the loss of your thousands. We see the soil sweating with blood, we smell the lives of hopeless, displaced masses left behind. Why me? She asks, "why I am alive just to die another day?" My brothers and sisters your lives are not far from our hearts, our emotions ripped open and apart, we cry for you, we weep for you, my brothers and sisters we hear you. 

As much as the Media has said South Africa has failed you, my family we have not forgotten about you! The people of the streets are bitter over this evil corruption, we are sorry for all that you now face. Our government has failed to do all that is right, your president flew out of here in the daylight, while our president and his cabinet failed to act. They let him go, a man whose hands are filled with half a million lives, a man whose conscience never picks at his chest, never convicts him, his evil mind is always at rest.

His plane flew out of here and as it left the ground, we wept. Wept for the lives of our Darfuri family whose voices went unheard and whose cries for salvation and redemption went unheeded.
But my Darfuri family, you are not far from our prayers, may God give you peace as you struggle to live and find peace. May God save you my family and may the neglect of the wicked who rule, may they be weighed in the scales and receive their due...

Right now as we sit here there is a Genocide happening in Sudan. A government - funded military killing of innocent men, women and children. Here are some statistics.
The UN estimates that between 200,000-300,000 people have died in Darfur since the start of the current conflict in 2004.
Some 4.7 million people are currently directly affected by the conflict, out of a total population of around 6.2 million. In 2008 alone, 310,000 people have been displaced, or newly displaced – bringing the current total of displacement to 2.7 million.
Half of those affected by the conflict are children; of these, nearly 700,000 (the under-five population) have grown up knowing nothing but the conflict.

Sudan is listed as Number 6 on the world watch list of Persecuted Believers in the world.
Meriam Ibrahim was imprisoned in Sudan for converting to Christianity, happily enough she was finally released after international outcry. Yet, there are so many people dieing in this African country. Let us pray for them, for faith and for comfort, for protection for the young girls and women who are brutalised and assaulted. Let us pray for God's mercy and intervention. This weekend the South African government was suppose to arrest the Sudanese president as he was on our soil, yet they failed to act - even after a court hearing! We are horrified!


  1. Joining you in your heart cry prayer for our brothers and sisters.