Friday 23 February 2018

There's Beauty Here - FMF

Five Minute Friday. Go!

The Good Shepherd, He leads. Walks. Stops to stare at the birds over head and the magnificent glint of silver in the pools at the waters edge.
Us. Looking ahead, isn't there a mountain to climb somewhere. A place to walk through? A place to make it through. Looking back towards where He stands, still resting with a smile and hands behind His back. I think He knows something. 

Come on, Come on! I hear myself and us both saying. Come here, he says calmly. Sigh. There's no hurry for the Good Shepherd. But isnt there a mountain to climb, uncomfortable feelings to get rid of and life to live. This is life, He smiles, now joined at the pool.

He takes my hand (and the hands of all who would allow Him to enter their heart in to a slow rest). I peer down to where He gazes, water ripples dance across tiny stones and a brown bed beneath see through water, struck by beauty. This life, He muses, is lived here. Not on the top of the mountain at the end of anxiety, or hustle, or lifes tugging hurriedness. Life is here, in the clearing where water runs and the Shepherd sits and gazes. Here, right here in rest. A walk, not a gallop or a run, but a walk encompassed by the Hebrew word halacha. For every woman and man of God had their halacha with God, not a run, but a walk. So let's walk Good Shepherd, Good Father of us all. 

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Friday 16 February 2018

For a While - FMF

Five Minute Friday writing Prompt, 5 minutes Unedited! Go!

I've had more "why's over the past few months than I have for a long time. Why's that happen from deep within, from disappointment, heartache, crisis and dashed hopes or dreams. In my why's and waiting, I've noticed how often we approach God with a "search engine," mentality. We expect quick answers and yes, no realities and oh how I wish that was the case sometimes! Yet, I'm learning through my current wilderness season, that waiting's and why's can open a pathway where God's voice really does become clearer, and His answers and words are not always yes or no about what seems to be, our foremost questions of mind. But His answers are truth and the truth really does set us free. Sometimes Father's truth and the words He tells us seem to be bad tasting medicine in our mouths, because in that moment it's not really what we want to hear, but we learn that the bad tasting stuff is often the most effective. Through the why's, I'm also learning deeply in a very real way, that community can be pretty uplifting. I'm also comforted by the reality that we received 5 different calls this week from different families asking us for guidance on their current seasons of "why." Gosh, their questions and feelings mirror our own right now. So instead of giving advice, we simply sit together, even over the phone and tell each other "hey, I don't know what you should do, or why this is, but I'm your friend, you can lean on me, let's just be together in this." God is with us and He will never leave us, of this I am sure, and when the why, turns to "oh that's why," then we will at last understand or maybe we will have become stronger through the journey...

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