Friday 23 February 2018

There's Beauty Here - FMF

Five Minute Friday. Go!

The Good Shepherd, He leads. Walks. Stops to stare at the birds over head and the magnificent glint of silver in the pools at the waters edge.
Us. Looking ahead, isn't there a mountain to climb somewhere. A place to walk through? A place to make it through. Looking back towards where He stands, still resting with a smile and hands behind His back. I think He knows something. 

Come on, Come on! I hear myself and us both saying. Come here, he says calmly. Sigh. There's no hurry for the Good Shepherd. But isnt there a mountain to climb, uncomfortable feelings to get rid of and life to live. This is life, He smiles, now joined at the pool.

He takes my hand (and the hands of all who would allow Him to enter their heart in to a slow rest). I peer down to where He gazes, water ripples dance across tiny stones and a brown bed beneath see through water, struck by beauty. This life, He muses, is lived here. Not on the top of the mountain at the end of anxiety, or hustle, or lifes tugging hurriedness. Life is here, in the clearing where water runs and the Shepherd sits and gazes. Here, right here in rest. A walk, not a gallop or a run, but a walk encompassed by the Hebrew word halacha. For every woman and man of God had their halacha with God, not a run, but a walk. So let's walk Good Shepherd, Good Father of us all. 

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  1. I have been missing this Place - this place of Beauty. Like Martha in her driven days I have set my feet to climb mountains and ford streams - but it's left me wandering aimless, forgetting what His face looks like. Today, I must turn aside, pay attention to the sight in my peripheral vision of a bush burning, burning, burning but not being consumed. Thank you, Set apart Warrior; your endurance tells me you drink long and deep at The Beautiful Wellspring. Denise

    1. Oh Denise my beautiful sister, your words I drink in, and know oh how I know the similar reality. The Martha inside and Gods continual reassurance that He's not in a rush. How I know my own personal forging ahead is rooted in fear, and how I pray for grace and redemption. May you know His Love and feel His gaze fresh upon you turned to you, face to face, mouth to mouth. Your burning bush of calling and truth. And you freshly lit burning bright ever so bright, called a city on a hill never hiding your light. Burning so bright even in the darkest night. You are that beloved. So grateful for you dear friend so much love abundantly.💜

  2. Thank you, Aliyah. Oh how I see myself: "Sigh. There's no hurry for the Good Shepherd." And then that same realization that He knows better. So much better. You are such a gift to me. Loved your other post on the Bible too. Jesus is so present in you.

    1. Ah thank you so much my friend. I can only write this because it so describes the past year of my life. God kept reassuring me I was not running late but was on time with new things I felt He had laid on my heart. I see how He's never rushing like I am fearfully, but He's leading. Gosh. Painful sometimes but yeah, I pray for such strength and grace for us to walk and know He's got it. Thank you for your words my friend, so much love in bunches 😘