Friday 27 May 2016

FMF - Finding "Cheer"

FMF Time - Ready, Set, Go! 

 I stepped out on to the balcony and got my boggie on, the perfect Autumn sun just shone and the red leaves of fall hung on the trees everywhere. Autumn is by far one of my favourite seasons and here in South Africa, in the countryside where I live, it is showing up everywhere. I love it, the sun and the Autumn leaves that hang, it cheered me up. Made me smile. A different response from the heavy heart I took in to prayer this morning, to find comfort from the One who is Comfort. In my prayers, I opened up and found something else begin to take place. I found that my mind was shifted in to mindful gratitude and with it, I saw beautiful realities in the lives of the women I know. This week seemed to shift something for many.

I found cheer, in the difference others are making. In a sister who just returned from outreach in Nepal. In a friend who despite being in a bad place financially, sitll manages to get up everyday and work transforming dump sites in to parks for others. In my aunt who decided to turn my god - childs first holy commuion this weekend, in to a time where my little niece does not receive gifts but rather gives gifts. Everyone has been asked to bring toiletries and they will go to a safe house for human trafficking. In another spiritual sister who is mobilising her school to collect goods for the same safe house. In my mom who has approached her medical company to donate medical supplies for the same safe house. And in a brother who is taking the needs of trafficked victims to his bike club to help. This week I sent out a little message to my family members telling them about this safe house, I never expected the response I received, and it warmed my heart this morning. In my desperate state, while dealing with other issues, I could have missed the joy of seeing how people are thinking of others and making a difference right where they are. Because we need each other in unity, to make a difference in this world, and this difference has brought such cheer to my heart today, along with the Autumn sun. 

Have a great weekend all!!

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Wednesday 18 May 2016


"So," she began, "what do you want to do with this heart of yours? I mean this heart you have for women?"
"She's already doing it," my husband stated with irritation.
I smiled at how he protects me.
"Well it's a pity you don't live overseas where we live," she said flippantly, "because equality and freedom for women has already been done. Here in South Africa where you are, you going to have to break ground, and that's gonna be tiring."

I was gob - smacked, as in still am. But it all comes down to perception and what you want to pursue in life. Yahweh my God has given me His heart to speak the truth, for now it's the truth that says woman, you are amazing! As in woman, when you live a surrendered life to Yeshua, He is gonna mould you, heal you through hard times and He is going to use you, can I get an amen!

But when I met my publicist this week for the first time, we started our coffee convo, with a little background about me. To market my work effectively of course she needs to know about me, so we began. With a little bit about my background and then my love to share unknown women's stories. Somehow in between the words, I share the conversation above with her, not realising perhaps, how it silently bothered me that someone could think purpose was something to be traded, for an easy life. The publisit frowned, "well that's precisely why you are here in South Africa, I mean there's already a flag on the moon, why do it again." She sat back confident in her conviction. Suddenly it was like a curtain went open and I could see the stage of truth. Super clear, I was relieved and the burden blew away like a leaf on the wind. "That's right," I nodded, "and I don't want to put my flag next to it."

For precisely what we are called for, is precisely what our hearts yearn for. Some choose easy over the work of worth. I see it often and it's comfortable. Yet, we all have to choose our own path in life and mine says, I don't want to choose easy, I want to choose the Perfect thing. I love doing something unique, breaking new ground, doing the new. Everything made sense in that moment and it makes sense still, so whatever you are doing today - no matter how hard, when its prefect purpose it's worth it, so keep going sister, we are behind you!

Friday 13 May 2016

Without knowing it - Grown, FMF

This evening as I sat down to work on the design and writing work for my new author website, I was hesitant. But I knew today was the day, my husband did the build work and it was time for me to go! When I started writing on the pages, adding my content, the hours flew by! I did not even realise how the time had passed (my neck is attesting to this now!) Then as I wrote and edited the social justice page, I slipped in to this space where I was happy, excited and altogether joyful. A space I have not inhabited for a long time. It was amazing. I stopped to pause and look over the work that had come together on the pages and I breathed in. I have grown. Years ago I sat outside wondering how ever I would be able to challenge and encourage people to look around them, at the worlds needs. Now, I can see how much I have written, how much I have connected and how much I am anticipating in this new season. How much God has grown me, how much the light in this truth has grown - this truth of a growing heart that yearns to make a difference. With my book coming out in 7 weeks, I am finally feeling the pinch of excitement and trying to just chill out about it. But why should I chill out, I am super excited! BUt in it all it is not just about the pages of this book, it is about the message, the message for people, the message of more, the message that is from Heaven's Throne. Without realising it I have grown, inwardly and I am changed, how I praise God for this! 

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