Thursday 25 June 2015

The Stories around us

This week I was confronted with the very real reality of how people don't look for the beauty or the gems in those around them. I was confronted by the lack of honour and respect that we should afford one another and each others stories, espcially as believers who are living our God - stories out in this temporal world. I am big on story, big on learning others stories. Something inside of me - something my Saviour Yeshua placed inside of me, wants to learn and listen to those stories. Not the stories of the famous, not the stories everyone is listening to but the hidden stories, the ones we dont hear about. The ones that people have forgotten or neglect because the bearer of the story is shy or does not like talking much or is unassuming and humble. I see how many people just walk over others, disrespecting the journey of their stories and I know we all do it, but I hope that we can realise that in all of us is a story. A beautiful story, a gem of a story. Even if your story did not start out so well or it has some concave moments of broken glory and intense suffering, it's okay because those are necessary stories. May we each have enough God stories in our own paths of life, to fill our hearts when we need it most. Let's look for the beauty and the story in one another and in the world around us. Even creation has a story, every bird has a story, every creature has a story, let's have the ears to hear it!

I have come up with some meaningful features of the word story....

S - strands.... life is a tapestry and God is weaving this beautiful tapestry of destiny together, from generation to generation. We are strands in the tapestry, lets connect together, draw out the best in one another, realise we are a body and we are each a unique colourful strand that is beautiful!
T - talents.... I once read a quote that said "remember each person you meet is a unique individual with his or her own set of talents and gifts just waiting to be discovered and used!"  This made so much sense to me, we each are gifted and should honour the talents of others.
O - opportunities... don't be intimidated by someone else, give yourself the opportunity to shine and shine on like a star in God's Heavenly masterpiece!
R - respect, honour, call out.... respect the individuals around you, call out what is good in them, honour the members of this body of Messiah. Know that we are each a story, each a part of God's story and we each need to Rise up and start living the calling of God on our lives!
Y - Yield as Yarn.... submit and surrender to Father Yahweh. Yield your life, your heart and your everything to the Only One who is worthy. Yield as a starnd of Yarn ready and willing to be used in His big plan. Your story is redeemed by His story, you are the dust He is raising up to be used, yield... He wants your heart!

This week, reflect on how you can honour the people around you and how you can find out more about their stories or even your family members stories, look for the stories around you! 


  1. As a knitter, I especially understand the reference to "Y" yield as yarn. We must be pliant and willing to be made into a beautiful garment, and the most difficult parts make the prettiest patterns.

  2. Beautifully written...Everyone has a story...and we are all part of the tapestry God is story is irrelevant...