Tuesday 30 June 2015

In a Language my Heart can Understand

One of my favourite movies is A Walk in the Clouds. There are so many moments and sayings in that movie that really speak to me. I'm like that, in movies it's a lot about the words, the communications, the connections. I'm a word person even in movies! So there is a particular scene where the grandfather Don Pedro tells Paul Sutton (aka a very young Keanu Reeves) "her heart is Spanish, you must speak to it in the language it understands."

I love that statement because it's true about our hearts and its true about our relationship with Father God too. He speaks to us in the language our heart can understand. Yesterday a friend of mine was telling me how, whenever she feels down she gets out a flag and starts worshipping God with her flag. You see she discovered worship dancing a year and a half ago, at a time where she was learning more about herself. Since then, she has joined a dance team and discovered even now in her forties, that she was made to dance and its the way she expresses herself to God. For me, when I draw near to God, I write. I express myself in many different ways but the form of words just weaves in my heart and I need to hear His words too. I need to hear His physical voice, telling me the things I need to survive. That is how we are, our hearts are unique, we are individuals that is why He says He knows us all by name. We are not a big unit to Him, we are individually unique, one of a kind and Yeshua our Beloved takes the time to know and to learn the intricate beatings of our individual hearts. He speaks to our hearts in a language it can understand. 

We are not all the same, we are different so one mould can never fit us all! It was never supposed to. For years I watched and saw how religion put believers in to a box, a box called "this is how to pray." People who didnt pray a certain way or even out loud, were labelled crazy. People who did pray out loud but too loud, were termed spiritual fanatics. People who wanted to paint during worship, were frowned out. Yet today, God is seriously seting us free. Free to play, free to play, free to be ourselves, to paint and pray, to play and worship, to cry, to laugh, to watch the birds, or the setting sun and know that in each moment and with each breath, God is capturing our hearts in the language it understands.
We never have to be someone else, we need to be unique in our love and in our language with God. Often times my husband and I will share certain revelation we received in prayertimes and we marvel at how God is giving us a similar message yet spoken in such unique ways, based on our hearts and how we function as individual children of God.

May you be blessed beloved to know that, God speaks your language and you never have to be anyone else but yourself. Express yourself just as you are and may the Holy Spirit give us the peace and the freedom to express ourselves just as we are.


  1. Very special to know that Father knows the heart language he placed in each person, even if it takes us while to figure it out...Loved your take on this post.

    1. Hey Ariete, thank you! Yup, it takes us a journey to discover those whispers and those languages, I think that's been a journey for me at present, re-discovery and knowing I am and have so much more then I give myself credit for! May God bless you with a great week, good to see you again :)))

  2. We tremble in His presence - fearful in His awesomeness. Like a bird in the hand He holds us until we calm down - until our hearts slowly beat to the rhythm of The Master. The yielded heart is calm. This done, He bends down whispers in the ear a language of His love and guidance. Then with one swift move, He sets us free to soar into His perfect, pleasing and acceptable will.

    Father God then watches over us in the pure pleasure only known to the Savior. Blessing, my sweet sister, Blessing in Yeshua.... Your Chris~