Sunday 2 March 2014

You are El-Roi, the God who sees me

Sometime ago Yahweh led me to the story of Hagar, Sarah's servant. I had read the story countless times before, but suddenly her pain become real to me. I think many of us - if not all of us can relate to the story of Hagar and her pain and then her prophetic declaration of "El-Roi." Hagar was the only one in the Bible to call God by this special name, - You are the God who sees ME. How many times do we want God to really see us? To really see our pain, see our hearts and our spirits - well He does see us. I once read that Yahweh sees hearts like we see faces and it gives me such comfort to know this. While I was reading the story of Hagar, I was inspired by the Ruach (Holy Spirit) to offer Hagar's story in a different light, may it touch and revive your spirits, for truly he is the God who really does see you and me....

I left him there beside the road, where the dust fills the air and the wild Terebinth tree grows and expands.
I left them both there; I have no use for their lies and despised looks. I left them there. 

Along with the only life I have known and now I wait beside the road side, my belly swollen and life undone. What am I waiting for? Salvation? Someone to save me, to set me free?  I wait until I can wait no longer and I feel myself sinking to my knees in the dust beside the dead carcasses that litter the way. I am a slave; I know nothing of freedom, nothing of love, nothing of undiluted acceptance. Who am I?

I am Hagar, the slave of Sarah.

And here I wait until someone crosses to find me, a pregnant despised slave sitting beside the roadside, waiting on salvation. My tears fall; my eyes are wells of water that cannot be contained. The pain of years, the pain of confusion, and the pain of not having my own name can no longer be contained. I am a woman despised. Can no man see my pain, can no one see? Silence fills the roadway, no one is coming and I weep, rejected and alone.

I hear the crunch of sandaled feet and peer up desperate. Where do you come from? He asks me. “I am running away sir, from my mistress.” 

“Go back to your mistress” He replies as He wipes my eyes, “go back and I will make you into a fruitful woman who will be mother of many descendants.”
“Who are you?” I ask.

He bends down and places His knees upon the dusty ground; He reaches out and touches my face. Something unexplainable fills my hungry soul and I peer into His eyes, He sees me. He sees ME. For the first time, somebody sees me. 

His sad eyes give me something that understands - something that eases my wounded heart, balm from an unknown place that heals my wounds. He moves to leave but I cannot help myself as I grab His arm; “Sir, who are you?” 

“You are pregnant with a son Hagar; you must name him Ishmael for God has heard about your pain and misery.” 

My tears of desperation fall once more as I meet His sad eyes and feel life grow inside of me. “You are the One who sees me, I know You are God, I am not afraid, Sir You are El – Roi!” He has seen me and I have seen Him, a man of sorrow knowing pain – I can sense it, He knew my pain.
I gather what is left of my belongings, while I arise on weary feet. I have strength to make the journey; I have the strength to return. I turn to thank this stranger but He is gone. I turn to leave no longer a slave but a person, who God sees as me.


  1. What a beautiful retelling of Hagar's story! I loved reading it. You really have a gift! I'm visiting from Sunday Stillness. I've visited your blog before and am always blessed by your words. Love the picture you chose :) Blessings to you!

    1. Hi Gayl, thank you so much! It is nice to see you again! May God bless you and give you a wonderful week. Much lv and blessings

  2. This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    May we all seek to see one another's heart the way God does rather than focusing on the outward.

    Blessings to you and yours.

    ~Heather @ My Overflowing Cup

  3. Thank you for drawing us into the story of Hagar in such a beautiful way. You brought the characters emotions to life and helped us to see the God who sees.

    I was blessed by my visit here. :-)

    1. Hi Karen, thank you I am so blessed that you received something from yrou visit here. I have been ill for a while and unable to post anything, funny thing is this post flew up and is being shared by others! So I had a sense I should share it too, strange how God does this doesnt He! I pray you have a blessed week