Monday 3 March 2014

Deep calls to deep in the roar of Your waterfalls;
all Your breakers and Your billows have swept over me.
(Psalm 42:7)

Yahweh has a depth that the human mind cannot fathom. of course we cannot fathom it because Father is Spirit and we are to worship Him in spirit and in truth. But sometimes, just sometimes, He shares His depth with some. I see this depth as a place in side of Yahweh, a place in His Spirit - a depth that He shares when we have gone deep with Him. When we have embraced a life of surrender, reckless abandonment and sacrifice - when our beings are emptied of ourselves and our spirit is so deep with the desire for Him, then He speaks to us - deep calling out to deep. It's like a waterfall whose waters cascade in to a pool at the bottom, we need to jump in to that pool and allow the billows and breakers of God's Depth to wash over us. For some, Yahweh will wash over them with love, for others Yahweh will wash over them with healing or conviction - make no mistake, I am not referring to the normal love you feel or the healing you long for, or the conviction you feel - I am talking about a DEPTH of love, a depth of conviction, a depth of healing - a depth that comes from the Bosom of the One who sits on the Throne. 
I love the fact that Father's deep ROARS - Lion-like to the deep in us. The Lion's roar is powerful and it awakens the slumberer, no one can ignore a lions roar. 

Amos 3:8
The Lion has roared, who will not fear?

The journey in to the depths of Father is reserved for a few, those of His choice alone. Not all will experience the deep calling out to deep, but part of the road map to getting there, is to be cleansed. Sometimes if some travel to the depth of their own hearts or their own spirits they will find only woundedness, pride, selfishness and darkness. Father's deep cant speak to deep which is defiled - He can only share Himself with the pure, the spotless and those who are desperate to get there. 

Psalm 51:6
 And yes, you want truth in the most hidden places;
    you teach me wisdom in the most secret space.

The deep within us is hidden to every eye except Father's, His eye scans our hearts and our secret places - for truth in our most secret places. For He delights in truth and He delights in the Spirit whose deep is pure, whose springs are flowing with living water from the Ruach Hakodesh. May your spring flow with water that is pure and perfect, so that deep can call out to deep in the Roar of Father's waterfalls! 

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