Friday 3 February 2023

FMF - Ignoring Stars

 I have not done a Five Minute Friday Post in a long time, so I am happily joining in this week to write for five minutes without thinking, editing or revising, timer set..... let's go!
Nick Jonas got a star on the walk of fame. Sometimes, celebrities and their "wins," dominate the news and it seems as though they are always winning. It can be hard to ignore that. We live such ordinary lives, the rest of us, or so it seems. We are world apart from their lives, so can we ignore what they do? I believe we can, and should probably. The trap of comparison steals joy and let's face it, life isn't a lot of ups, it's filled with many downs too.
I have been thinking for some time, about Leonardo da Vinci's words, some of his diary scrawlings, and his words tumble off the page, he wrote them, "have I done anything at all?" Even Leonardo wondered if his life mattered. And while he enjoyed some patronage during his life, he fell in to somewhat of obscurity until 500 years after his death, when a rare painting was discovered of him and society gathered around his work and his memory once again.

It can be hard to ignore the spinning world that seems to move so very fast, forgetting all of us ordinary people. But we are not lost or forgotten. Ours is not a star to be left on a side walk, we are called heavenward, to an eternal legacy, to a star that shines brightly in the universe, for all to see. We are not ignored, neither is our impact, it is Heaven bought and that's the only star that really matters....

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  1. It is easy to feel insignificant, especially when we compare our little achievements to things others have done. It is interesting to think that even Leonardo da Vinci felt that way. I'm so grateful that we are each significant to God - that he cares for each of us and that he can use each of us to make an impact for him.

  2. I feel myself a giant
    that stands astride the Earth;
    the world ain't too compliant
    in acknowledging my worth,
    but that does not bother me,
    for I know what and who I am,
    and I will claim the victory
    for I'm washed in Blood of the Lamb,
    co-heir to the end with Christ,
    beloved of the Lord above,
    knowing what's been sacrificed
    to replace sure death with love,
    and as I write this, polish my crown,
    God whispers, "Can you tone it down?"

  3. Thank you for this beautiful reflection. We are each unique and significant to Jesus. Dawn #15