Friday 4 November 2016

FMF- The Beautiful Journey

Five Minutes of Uninterrupted Writing, unedited on the prompt "Journey." Go!

 As I lit the Sabbath candles this evening I pulled the light towards my eyes and smiled, heavenly peace. Today I have been thinking about the wonders this year held for me, for this family. And the guilt that sometimes one feels when one finally says, wow this year has been great. But, yes this year has held so many beautiful surprises and still they keep on coming. Yahweh our God is a Master Chef, a Master Artist, a Master Journey Digger of one sweet journey after another. Tonight, I am grateful for so much. This morning I was feeling worried about my book launch happening tomorrow (another part of the journey) and I prayed so for joy to find my soul today and it has. I have done things I never thought were possible. Things that required money I did not have - but then doors opened where no money was required and the miracles took place. Deeper doors for ministry opened, changes and shifting seasons. My book published, my marriage strengthened, a little one coming in to our family soon (my brothers little girl due December). But most importantly, God in all His Love. I have grown, I have been made more whole, I have changed, my spirit enlarged and I see His beautiful Love, Hear His Voice clearly, oh so clearly. Know His Love, know I am called, deeper still, and He is ever drawing nearer. This journey just begun and my heart is filled with gratitude tonight, and wonder. 

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  1. Visiting from FMF. I'm glad your year has been full of beautiful surprises. It is lovely when we can look back and see the many ways God has blessed us and where he has provided for us. Congratulations on your book! I hope your launch tomorrow goes well.

  2. This gives me so much hope, Aliyah, that Yahweh is making a way and will provide even if I don't understand right now. He is going to go above and beyond for you, what you imagine or think as he did for you to get your book published. His goodness and joy will continue to find you even if you are a little. I love being excited for you and I'm not even there lol. Love how God has connected us. Love ya. ☺️

  3. Aliyah, I will be sending prayers up from afar tomorrow....May God bring much fruit from your story and your journey!

  4. Praise God. Beautiful post. I celebrate with you, Aliyah.