Thursday 3 November 2016

MeaningFull Poetry Week - Denise's Heart

Day 2 of our Meaning Full Poetry and truthfully, hearing other voices has inspired me and encouraged me, breathed new life in to my poets soul. Today, I am blessed to share the poetry of a dear sister and someone whose life shines with Heavenly Light, Denise Armstrong. Denise equals worshipper. Her purpose is to glorify God by enjoying Him in all of His Creation, among His People, His Bride, the Church; accentuating His glorious Bridge of reconciliation — the Cross of Jesus Christ — through words laced with His Truth, and cast abroad in the world He loves, and died and lives again to save. She met her husband, Claude, some 27 years ago, on a trip to procure supplies after hurricane Gilbert decimated her island home Jamaica. They exchanged addresses and two photos. Two years and many letters later, he proposed. He went to Jamaica one year later and whisked Denise away to wifery, motherhood and homeschooling, with all their attendant sorrows and myriad joys. This year they marked their silver anniversary with a vows renewal ceremony in the presence of their mothers, and three beautiful children, Joseph(24), Charis (22) & Timothy (18) along with friends, in Richmond, VA, where they now reside. She shares over at Dawn Wings

The Next Step

Kansas sunrise, misty grey 
Night that loathes to give way to day 
Earthbound water and heavenly fire 
Tussling to rule, cloud the new day's desire 
To break forth upon the night of man 
So crawling we go to catch-as-catch-can

Striving we go to discern the intangible 
Loathing to take the one step that is possible 
Doubting that in 'the next step' we find 
The way that is open to sighted or blind 
Focusing on the grey swirl that is seen 
We reach forth our arms and embrace the screen

But earth takes its axis so soon night and day 
Make clear to the faithful plodder the way 
With light from above he'll steward the earth 
 For the Creator's nature is shouting forth 
The Truth that draws the final line 
That determines our rise or vain decline

So Kansas sunrise, your cover is blown 
Your bushel of doubt is overthrown 
'The next step' brings the piercing ray

That scatters your shades and brings forth the day 
And now through the dark like an arrow true 
Comes word by the song-bird the day's broken 

                                                      (c) 1993 - Denise Stair Armstrong        

Some of Denise's Favourite Words;

Oh, praise the Lord!
   "This earth is crammed with heaven!"
Oh, praise the Lord!
    And, Christian, look around!
For every bush you pass with fire is flaming,
And every spot you tread is holy ground.
                                          Women's Devotional Bible, (c) 1990
                                                 The  Zondervan Corporation

"Earth’s crammed with heaven
And every common bush afire with God.
But only those who see take off their shoes…”
                                              Elizabeth Browning                 
Sharing over at Katie Reid                   


  1. Loveliness all of it....The Elizabeth Browning lines are wonderful.

  2. Grateful to have my poem published here, glory to God and thanks to you Aliyah! Also want to make clear attribution to the writer of 'Omnipresence', the late Anne Ortlund. And my site is Blessings!

  3. Beautiful! And yes... that Elizabeth Browning quote... one of my favorites, too!