Tuesday 20 January 2015

What kind of Fragrance am I smelling?

(This was yesterday's post but my hubby started chatting to me halfway through and so I put the computer off and had a good chat with hubby. It's these meaningful moments that I want to live in. So tonight I will share the post!)
Last night I watched a "faith - based" movie that turned out to haunt me long over the hysterical mass of actors had finally quietened down. I will confess that I did not turn my computer on today, my mind seemed to plead in prayer all day long for some answers to how I felt about what was portrayed in the movie. 

Let me come right out and very sincerely say that I do not believe it is a good thing to exploit every detail of your life on the internet. I also dont believe that our identity lies in being a parent, a father or mother, or being a wife or husband, or a dentist or artist. Our ultimate identity lies in who we are as children of God. The faith based movie I watched was about the reality of momy bloggers, while I believe it is good to share online and meet new people who can inspire and encourage, this phenomenon of mommy bloggers (as it is called) has opened up a somewhat scary and crazy world that makes little sense. Women who share intimate pictures of their births, details of their (and their family members) private areas, crazy habits and frequently employing the use of words like "guilt, failure, pathetic mess etc" is not the best God has in store for any of us, no matter who we are and how much we fall and make mistakes.It is good to share how human we are, but not good to be voyeuristic in our approach to something as beautiful as our families and the intimacy and privacy that should surround the most holiest of things. In Judaism there is an amazing belief in the sanctity of privacy. You will not find religious Jewish women speaking about their sex lives in intimate details because they believe that that type of relationship is intensely personal, beautiful and private. And I value this in such a deep way. I believe that privacy is Godly, so is vunerability, we just have to learn to discern between the two realities.

The wonder of life is how Yahweh creates beautiful openings for us to experience Him and the answers He wants to share with us. I walked down to the swimming pool but when I stuck my foot in the water it was freezing cold, so instead I got my Bible and went to sit with my feet in the water and just read at random. I opened my Bible and landed on a meditation about the Holiness of God and many things fell in place for me, regarding how I felt about what was portrayed in the movie. The Holiness of God is not a characteristic of God, but Holiness embodies who He is and He requires for me to become one with Him and grow in His Holiness. That is why He continually tells us to be holy as He is Holy. It is in fact a commandment, not a suggestion. Therefore if we are truly spirit - filled children abandoned to Yeshua, anything and everything we do even in the blogging world and beyond, should be holy. To use our gifts, our words and energy for reckless self indulgence is not okay in God's sight. 

Colossians 3:17
And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father.

1 Corinthians 10:31 

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

I stand up with conviction and declare that I want to be all I can be for my King. I want to have nothing else but the fragrance of my Beloved on my Skin. I am sold out, wretchedly - sick at the worlds antics and committed to Holiness through obedience to my Saviour who gave it all for me. I love Yeshua and as an ambassador of His Kingdom and a princess in His realm, I walk with the authority on my shoulders that demands that I bring Honour to the Kingdom of Light and not seek out selfish gain or buy in to the world's sloppy standard. I am here for justice, it's a huge part of the reason I blog and I believe in equality, for everyone and for all. I am committed to my call and I am learning that no one needs to understand that or even accept it, only I have to accept it and embrace it. 

There are too many bloggers out there who confess to be Christians but don't live a Christian lifestyle, especially on line. This is a sad reality but while I will not go in to too much detail about my own feelings on certain issues, I will say that when I did switch on my computer to write this post, I got some amazing notifications from a handful of blogs I am subscribed to and these posts refreshed me again. I was encouraged to be shown again, that people are not just online to make a name for themselves or to paint an unrealistic picture of themselves for others. I was encouraged again to know that I can connect with like-minded believers who love God and want nothing but Him. Who speak up for justice and who are as real as mud. And that is refreshing! 

Father, help us be people who reflect You in everything that we do. Help us live in the moments where we find ourselves, help us enjoy the sunset without always feeling the need to capture it for everyone online. Help us revel in all we have so that we can gasp at Your Wonder and feel Lovesick at Your Precious heart of Love. Help us move away from that which dishonours You, even as we would choose our friends with caution in real life, help us choose our online "friends" with discernment as well. Help us be committed to the mission before us, both online and in living colour. Lift up the heads of my dear friends today who may just need a Hug and encouragement from You today. You love us all so much Yeshua Messiah, help us know that we are uniquely crafted and uniquely designed - for so much more then worldly lies of fame. Help us be a wild flower in the field, ready to turn our backs on everything else and just lie outstretched towards the Son! We pray this in the mighty name of our Saviour Yeshua! HalleluYah!

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