Friday 30 January 2015

No One Helped - Not one.

My husband came in the door, his quick dart off to the shop took half an hour, so I instinctively knew something must have happened. "I have been in an accident."
I'm pretty calm in crisis situations, I thank God for this often, and I dont panic, all I could think of was "are you okay!" My mom had just arrived to spend the weekend with us and I was just getting her settled in, but I needed to hear what happened first. My husband shared all the details with me and we took a look at the car. Badly bumped but still okay, praises to Yeshua! How was he, sad and upset. We drove down to the police station to report the accident scene, the other driver had demanded my husband pay for the damage but it wasn't my husbands fault and we dont have insurance. But as we drove home, I prayed a heart felt prayer of faith and depth and as I prayed I saw God's Hands reach out and pick up our entire situation.. It was a clear vision and I knew God is in control here. I went with my mom to the shops to get groceries for the weekend but all I could feel in my heart was incredible sadness for my husband. He has been through so much this past year and it really hurt me.

When I finally returned home, my husband turned to me in quiet reflection and the only words he could say was "no one even helped me. No one. No one stopped."

These few words may seem insiginficant to some but it deeply resonated with me. No one came to help, what a sad tragedy. I was a trauma counsellor for a number of years, I know what trauma does and how it works. And I found that trauma opens up our hearts to the need for help and love. When a person faces a trauma they really need help - in the form of a loving hug, a gentle touch, a reassuring word - anything. And God I pray today to not miss out on when someone needs my help. As believers in Christ, I pray we will not miss out on the help that is needed wherever and whenever. Yesterday in the mall there was a lady carrying a crying baby in her arms and the child dropped his train on to the floor. It was hard for mom to bend down with baby and pick up the train and as this scene unfolded, I watched as no one bothered to help. Again today in the police station a very old man (maybe in his 80's) hobbled on two crutches towards the turn - stile that was at the entrance to the police station. How was he going to swing in to this turn - stile door when he was balancing himself on two crutches and again no one went to help him. So I opened the side door to aid him, but he didnt hear me so he hobbled in to the turn stile but because of my getsure, a young man standing behind him saw me and began to help this old man. And I realised that help can be contagious, if we only seek to help others. 

This week I have been reading and meditating on 1 John 4 - and it is so rich and deep... It made me think of this today ....

And then as we sat and prayed this afternoon, about our car and all the bills and everything else. Our phone rang unexpectedly, a fellow friend and believer came from out of nowhere and dropped off some goodies at our house, just to bless us this weekend. Again, I realised just how much we need to help one another in the body, with maybe just a hug or a blessing, or a gift or validation or understanding, or maybe a listening here.

Again God I pray, not to miss what others need me to help them with in Yeshua's Name.
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  1. SAW thanks for linking with Velvet Ashes! I feel a myriad of feelings reading this -- I am so, so, so sorry no one came to help your husband. This saddens and infuriates me! Last week I saw (I didn't know it at the time until I got out to help) a 17 year-old-girl in a pretty serious accident. I was behind he and when he truck didn't flip and she was able to pull over to the side, I pulled over too to make sure she was OK and if she needed help. But I also feel hopeful reading this, because as you said, help is contagious. I want to be one who is a positive contagion :). Thanks for the nudge!

    1. Hey Amy! thank you for visiting, I am so glad you helped that young girl, I was in a bad car accident when I was 18 and the thing I still remember to this day, is the kind man who jumped out the car behind me and helped me. ITs amazing how those moments stay with you. May we all do the best we can with what we have! Many blessings and may you shine this week :)))