Wednesday 28 January 2015

Let's Share Space!

I've met my share of online criminals, bullies you would call them in real life and they scare me. I'm a word person - all about words and how they connect feelings. I use them sparingly, and sometimes over sparingly. But words matter and how we say things are just as important as what we say. That's why my thesis was all about the reality of verbal abuse in the lives of women. When I first presented the idea to my supervisor in my research proposal, he looked over at me questioningly and asked "do you think this is really a problem for women?" TO say I was dumbstruck is an understatement. Anyhow I lose the point here. 

       (Thanks to my friend Lyn for allowing me to use her pics! These are her pugs!)

I dont like bullies, or people who shout over others to get their opinions heard or their theological viewpoints across at the expense of someone else's feelings. Nah, I stay clear of these in life and online. True story.
But just yesterday as I was taking some time out to rest in a space, I was led to browse some blog places I never venture in to and through the browsing there was blessing. Beautiful artworks and blessings, pictures and personal encouragement with my name on it. I don't spend hours online, I dont blog hop too often either but the people who I have met online, that have stayed around - are special. Truly. They make me smile and I know they are family, even across the seas. Women who's hands I can hold across the sea. It is amazing. So, my final conclusion is this, if you looking to be a bully - keep on going, this aint your bus stop yet, but if you are a Jesus Freak and you are real with a sincere heart, let's share the space. I love hearing what is happening, and sharing virtual space is connection and it matters. God has shown me that blogs can be safe too, the virtual world is often painted as unstable, rotten and crazy but He has shown me the opposite. To all the wonderful ladies I have met through blogging - you are special and thank you for being around!


  1. What an odd question for your supervisor to ask. I do hope his response encouraged you to write an eye-opening thesis. And thank you for this lovely post. Yes, the internet can be a hazardous place but can also be a place to share with others who love the Lord.

    Visiting from Five Minute Friday,


  2. I would say I am surprised by that question, but I don't think my husband picks up on it either. :) I love the online space I have found and look forward to getting to know you!

    1. Hello! Yeah I just thnk sometimes people are so lost in their own worlds that perhaps they dont venture out enough or I think maybe he was just asking if I could find enough research on the topic so as to write a convincing thesis :))) Look forward to getting to know you too! many blessings!