Friday 23 January 2015

Let's talk about these Beautiful Gifts!

I love the beautiful prompt over at Velvet Ashes this week. It's all about giftings, this is one of my favourite topics. Giftings. I love discovering and recognising the gifts in others, it's something God just quickens in me. Part of my husband and my calling in the body, is to help build and train up leaders, we love seeing people discover and use their gifitngs in the Holy way God created them to. I just love it when someone can honour something that God has created within them. What God created from the breathe of His mouth in the very beginning, He declared - this is very good. So too with our giftings, He declared this within you is very good because it's from me. We have heard so many times about how others have used their giftings for selfish gain, and because of this we are quick to hide away our gifts and abilities. When someone compliments something we do, we downplay the compliment, or sometimes we just dont accept it. This is not good, when we receive something good about ourselves and we can accept it as truth, then we honour God. Because He made us! 

I remember last year June, a few of us poets got together for a poets afternoon. An amazing poet stood up to speak with the most intriguing voice. His voice just resonates, it stands out as something transcendent, because its a gift Father has given him. Strangely enough, he ran away from his gift for years, until finally he surrendered and declared "I love my voice." While others loved his voice, he was never able to say it himself and when he finally received the gift of his voice, he was finally able to seek Gods purpose for his life. This is beautiful!

This is the general thought of my post, but the prompt this week requires me to mention one gift that I have. So the one gift I honour in myself this week is the gift of compassion.
I don't know if i was naturally compassionate growing up. I don't believe I was, there was a part of compassion within me for sure but the enemy tried to destroy that in me, through much hurt and pain. However compassion and strength are two attributes central to my purpose. I know for a fact that it was Yeshua (Jesus) Himself who restored my heart and infused it with the spiritual gift of compassion. It's not a worldly type of compassion but a Heavenly one. My husband loves to tell me that he learned compassion through me and I praise God for that. When I met my husband he was very hard through years of hurt and although he has a powerful gift to prophesy and pray for others, he lacked the compassion many needed him to show when he ministered. God's gift of compassion is so deep that it is unexplainable. It moves you in ways unimaginable, it allows you to feel God's Love and Gods' heart for others. I am so grateful for this gift, it blesses me so many times and I honour it within me. It is interesting how our gifts build on each other - like compassion aids the gift of healing or even servanthood. The gift of compassion can aid counselling or writing, speaking or small group ministry etc. Don't ever overlook the gifts you have within you, no matter how small they may seem to you, because they are not small! They are beautiful, pick them up and honour them and ask God how you can use them for His kingdom!
 Ephesians 4:8

Wherefore he says, Having ascended up on high, he has led captivity captive, and has given gifts to men.

Hey, if you are reading this please share with me in the comments - what gifts do you have!


  1. I'm so glad you linked up with Velvet Ashes and shared your passion for helping others understand their gifting.
    And I want to bless your gift of compassion - so needed in this world. Compassion reflects the heart and character of God in ways that minister deeply to others.

    1. Shalom Patsy, thank you for visiting. Your post over at VA really blessed me. I receive this blessing and thank you for it. May God bless you in your amazing journey! Much lv!