Sunday 17 May 2015

Windows across Oceans - May Update and Exciting News!

Yey!! Confetti and party Poppers! It's Update time and if its your first time reading about our Windows Across Oceans Book Project, click over here...
Our Book

And now for all the news.... this month we have donated R673 (South African money!:)) or $57 to All Girls Allowed!
All Girls Allowed is an organisation fighting Gendercide in China and they have been so excited about this book that they have shared a Gendercide story within the beautiful pages of this book! I was so excited and giving Yeshua all the praise as I shared our donation over with them. Last month we were able to donate to Open Doors and their women's programs and now we are back to square one. Which brings me to our next big news...

Many people have complimented the beautiful painting that graces the cover of Windows across Oceans. The painting is called The Giver and the artist is JoDee Luna! JoDee and I share a similar heartbeat for women's literacy, especially in India. So JoDee has decided to make her painting The Giver available for you purchase over at Fine Art America. All of the Proceeds of the sales will go towards the Windows across Oceans Book Project, to fund women's literacy in India! There are different size canvases available for diferent prices, go and check it out - The Giver by JoDee luna
How amazing is God in how He connects us together around the world and allows us to be a special part in His HUGE plan! This is amazing! Which brings us over to our next piece of news....

Congratulations to Sarah from Seeds of Exchange! Everyone who purchased a copy of our book, automatically went in to the draw to win an art piece done by Ilse Kleyn. The winner was drawn at random (blind - folded too!) this morning and Sarah's prize is on the way, congrats and we are so happy to share this beautiful piece with you Sarah, may it bless you!

On a personal note, I am always in awe of God's amazing Love. My life has connected with so many beautiful women out there and I just want to send you all hugs. The women who contributed their hearts to this project, through your stories, through your words of encouragement to me, through things that may seem simple but have meant a lot, thank you. I honour all of you and I see how God is using our lives to make a big difference and I have also seen how God uses our openness to further us in our calling. The songstress Idalette who recorded the piano piece for the Windows across Oceans trailer, has a testimony from this as well! While she was trying to record the song for this project she was having such difficulty that she almost pulled her hair out. Finally, she remembered someone she knew from long ago that she thought could help her get it right. She took a chance the brave girl and called this guy up. He came on over to help and took a listen to what she was doing. With a bolt of excitement he told her how he has his own recording studio and wants to offer her the chance to record a full cd professionally free of charge! How awesome is that! Praise Yeshua, so even from her obedience to offering up this beautiful song to this project, God was weaving it all together.

Have a wonderful week everyone and may God keep on using our lives for His Glory! 


  1. Congratulations! What a blessing this is!

    1. Hey Jeri :))) Yeah it is hey, thanks for your part in it! :)