Friday 22 May 2015

FMF - Rise and Shine, Don't be Afraid!

FMF - Five Minute Friday!

So many teachers, so many preachers, so many writers, so many believers - all saying the same thing, where is one to go to escape from it all? Run they scream, run from these things, run from pride and dangerous soul-ish things and yet we run and run and run, until we crash, tired of running still.

Collapse on to the shore, where the cool water crawls and then we admit, "God, I am tired of it all!"
He cradles us in His arms, lovingly watches the sun rising in the distance. "Child," he whispers ever quietly still, "why are the ingrains of mans opinion still haunting you still... Rise and Shine Beloved child of my Right Hand, don't be afriad to rise and shine. A city on a hill cannot be hidden, light is never placed beneath something else! But it's put on to the window sill, to rise and shine! 

So afraid of pride, we run from the very place we should be shining. So intent  on taking other peoples opinions on to ourselves that we lock the gate behind us and make ourselves prisoners deeper still. One thing remains, not to pick up fears along the way - pride has no place here, pride is a choice that begins within the heart, so stop fearing and keep humble... If you remain afraid, you will never rise to full height and shine the Glory you were called to shine. 
"NO child you were called to Shine!"

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  1. You've mentioned the shores, and I am starring at the ocean right now. My family just arrived for vacation yesterday. You've written such beautiful words about God's grace and the nature of our sins. Blessed to be your neighbor from #FMF.

  2. wow Samantha that's awesome! I wish it was me.. :))) Enjoy the vacation and the beauty of God at the ocean shores...