Friday 1 May 2015

The Door to "Wonder" Land

Five Minute Friday! No practice, just five Minutes of writing! Ready, Set go!

"God doesn’t always open doors like we think He does. Sometimes He leaves them closed, but they’re unlocked. We just need to take the initiative to try the handle to see if it will turn.”

These words on Kate's site this week, really spoke to me. Doors are something I think we often think about. Sometimes we walk through doors without even knowing we had. In my own life over the passed few months doors have opened, ones I never thought would, some I never anticipated opening either. Yet, I am also in a situation where I am just unsure about a certain door in my life. We often think God will just miraculously appear and shine a bright light on an open door. But sometimes, often times, it's not like that. You have to ask for the leading and trust the way and I'm wondering, a certain door has just revealed itself, it caught me off guard and I'm sure it's unlocked. Perhaps the uncertainty is that it came from nowhere, appears to be unlocked and contains the unknown. It's not easy. I love God so much, I dont want to make a mistake! I am learning all about this unknown, I have walked in to the unknown more times then not, but often with the assurety of knowing that door was meant for me. Yet, this one it just appeared, haha, it just appeared and here I stand. Like ALice following the bunny with the pocketwatch straight on in to Wonderland, should I go, trust the journey? I wonder while I tuck my hands in to my pockets and have begun the journey on the winding road through this mysterious open door and I'm trusting where I stand!

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  1. Fascinating! Sounds like a God adventure ahead for you! Those kinds of open doors often stretch and challenge you, but there is often delight in the journey, too, because you've taken a step in faith. And you know what? Even if you make a mistake, God still loves you abundantly!

    Tammy ~@~

  2. Hi Tammy! Wow, thank you, your words of encouragement mean a lot to me this evening an are so true. Thank you. I take them to heart :)) Have a wonderful evening and thanks for popping by.