Wednesday 27 May 2015

The Lions Roar!

                           God is Good all the time! And all the time God is Good!
Wow, I have shed some necessary weight, burdens I have been unable to see and I am learning deeper still the training ring gets narrower, the opponents more fierce but I feel the Lions Roar within and I am invigorated in the ring. I am not the Source, no, it comes from Heaven Thrones. I am a lioness, one with the Lion, I wont be tamed I wont be leashed, I am fierce, hear the thunderous roar from within! I can see where I am stationed, I know now greater then I did before where I am positioned and I will stand here and roar! Roar with the Lion's Voice coming from within, I am a Lioness one with the Lion King, here my thunderous roar!

I am walking a journey with my King, discovering deeper the deep things in the folds and recesses of His heart and my own. The things He has for me, it is time to believe and so I believe... at the moment God is using the Lionness to speak to me deeply and I want to share with you a poem I wrote from my Poetry Book in 2014. May you hear the Lion's Roar!

(c) Jungle Queen

Her paw prints hit the earth as she walks caressing the desert sand with her soft, padded feet.
She walks beside the male lion in all her battle array, she walks beside him in stillness, she is unafraid.
She rises in splendour, the crowned queen of the jungle, mighty warrior and fiercely loyal companion, she is effortlessly queen.
She rises in strength to greet those of equal valour and strength; they will lie down together and bask beneath the sun.
Though she lies down she is never asleep for her eyes scan the horizon that burns with summer’s heat, she never sleeps.

The Lion consort approaches clothed in majesty and outdone in battle array.
His Mane of God glistens beneath the setting sun.

She will rise to meet Him, queen of the jungle and yet servant to her King.
She is boldly unafraid to walk beside Him and bruise the earth as they walk on ancient desert pathways.
She will rise in strength, pure in heart and unafraid.
I am waiting to see her in my day – courageous beside her Beloved and Friend, fiercely queen she is unafraid, she is standing up and arising clothed in silver battle array.


  1. Oh how beautiful. So glad you shared with us at DanceWithJesus Linkup.

    1. Hi Susan, thank you! I just found your link and linked up just quickly but next week I am sure going to be back and spend some time browsing all over! Your link up and website is so amazing, may God richly bless you!