Tuesday 30 September 2014

This is My Story of Love

I want to share an amazing testimony with you so that you too can feel encouraged! So here goes..
Just over 2 weeks ago my husband and I were making our way through the local mall when my eye caught sight of a wonderful window display of big flowers on long stems. The flowers resembled sunflowers but they were pink. As everyone knows Spring is floating in here in South Africa and everyone is trying to bring Spring indoors, so the window display was reflecting this. While my eye caught the display I walked on and did not give it a second thought until I got home. Then the window display started playing over and over, as though someone was nudging me and saying "hey the window display!" So the very next day I drove back over to the mall and popped in to the store and asked about the window display. The ladies in the store very candidly told me the flowers in the window were reserved for someone else. Needless to say, I hardly tasted my supper that night. As I sat across the table from my husband I told him that I had such a God- sense all of a sudden that those flowers are meant to come my way.

The reason for this is because I am organising a women abuse event for December, which will be a deep time of Holy Spirit - led ministry in to the area of abuse in the lives of women. I sensed that those flowers were needed to create a beautiful picture around the hall, interspersed with butterflies, to create hope and express the idea of freedom from abuse. When I came home that night, I laid it down in prayer - if it was Gods will for me to have those flowers, He would make it happen. The manageress of the store promised me she would call me after speaking to her head office. That night I contacted the marketing branch of the store and then I let things be. Two days later the store manageress told me - the flowers were all reserved for someones wedding but she handed me the number of the woman who made the flowers, maybe she could help. I emailed her and still left it with God.

A further two days later the lady who made the flowers mailed me back and was so blessed to be part of speaking up for abuse, she offered to give me 5 flowers which she had left over. I was over the moon, wow God how awesome are you!! Then yesterday, I got an unexpected email from the head office of the store, they want to be a part of the community and they organised with one of their stores to give me 8 flowers! These flowers are taller then me - 13 flowers, I just jumped up and down and felt God hugging me so tightly. I learned again that I need to go with my heart on things. I had such a sense that this was what God wanted and it was (and is) such a blessing to be abandoned to His will. Then today, I got another unexpected call from the head office and get this, "we have 21 flowers for you and we want you to have them, instead of the 8, we want all our flowers to be used for this event to help abused women!" Twenty six flowers, are you kidding me!!! Talk about Holy tears flowing from my eyes, literally. How much does God love us. My husband turned to me and said "you never give up, you always go for it like a real entrepeneur and God just loves that, He just blesses you." I just know that sometimes when you feel that spirit-led niggle in your being, you must never and I mean never, give up. Yes I had forgotten about the marketing department but God told me today "I just want to bless you - I just love your heart and I want prosper what you do for me."

I want to encourage you today with this short testimony with far-eaching effects, that whatever Yeshua is laying in your heart to do, big or small, don't doubt - go full steam ahead. Wait on Him for every details, be consistent and faithful and He will bring it to pass in His perfect way and will and when He does, He does it with so much Love - you are richer for having passed the test of time.
May Yeshua's Name be praised!
(I will be collecting my flowers - God willing, next month and then I will post a picture of them on the site, woohoooo!)


  1. Aliyah,

    I love this story and it just shows how God answers prayers when we seek to love others ....and God loves those abused women...praying the flowers bring much joy to the women and that these women sense God's love as you share how God provided :) Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Hey Dolly! Good to see you. Thank you so much, I pray so as well and say amen to your prayer! May you have a blessed week. :))

  2. What an awesome God we serve! Thanks for sharing. Keep me advised about your event so the Spirit Sisters can pray for it. Blessings to you and yours!

    Marie @ http://asatisfiedspirit.com

  3. Thank your or sharing the beautiful story of God's faithfulness. I have always said, "God is faithful in His faithfulness", but now I have to add "God is Abundant in His Abundantness." HA! Thank you, my dear sister friend.