Friday 5 September 2014

Five Minute Friday - When God whispers

Five Minute Friday Post!

Whisper - one of my favourite words, one of my favourite things in the entire world. Whisper because it's the best form of prayer, just to whisper softly, deeply and from the heart. Too many people are shouting, but the beautiful silence leaves room for our tears sometimes and also always for the whisper. God whispers so deeply and my heart loves to hear His gentle whispers - His thoughts on life, on Truth and on me. So many whispers of deep love this month, not in all I can touch but in what I can feel inside, in my spirit and in my life. No things do not have to be perfect but when we clear out all the junk in the closets of our hearts, when it's empty and silent, then we can linger long enough (more then a minute or two, more then a month or two, maybe a lifetime!)  to hear Him say in His beautiful whispering way "hey I love you... Just you, only you." His whispers are also concrete, that new tea-set you were eyeing out, the one He saw you looking at but you never said anything, you only smiled at its simmer and shine and then when you weren't looking, you were just washing the dishes, in God walked and said "tadah! I bought this for you!" That's the way His whispering works, when you are so deeply in Love with Him, you open the space for His Love to be deeply whispering to you. That's my King, that my God - Yeshua the Passionate Lover of my (and our) soul. 



  1. Glad to run into you again on #fmfparty! Have a blessed weekend.

  2. Hey!! :))) Likewise have an awesome weekend! Thanks for visiting!