Friday 19 September 2014

FMF Butterfly!

Five Minute Friday Post!

Hold on! wait a minute - who turned on the lights, when did this happen!
Sometimes people let life get like that, they just hit cruise control, everything is too much and too heavy and too weary and too everything!
God has been showing me beautiful pictures of butterflies recently and as I see butterflies, I think about the freedom in their wings. The beauty of the butterfly is in its wings.
Not just for its ability to fly high in to the sky but because its multi-coloured personality is etched in colourful rainbows on the canvas of its wings.

So too, are the colourful etches of our personality etched on to our canvas of our creative form when we are born. But sadly the world in its sinful state tries to make us all conform. Be one set of butterfly, look the same, fly the same height, the same distance dont forge your own way.
But God in His word says "You are my Masterpiece, My Canvas, My poem, My butterfly." (Ephesians 2)
The beauty of your heart is etched in to the freedom you give yourself to fly high, the freedom you give yourself to become all you were meant to be in God our Father and in Messiah Yeshua our beautifully free Saviour.

Our hearts have wings so come on let's fly! It doesnt matter how high, we each need to find our own sky, our own height in life, leave the ground, let your heart have wings - big wings and fly!

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  1. you are right, a butterfly is beautiful because of its chalky wings...i love how the colors come off on your hands when you gingerly catch one and then release it back. I love butterflies. My one year old excitedly calls them 'fly flys' they are so delicate. It's always amazing to see a tiny creature that will be here only a short while, painted literally by the hand of God in such an extravagant way. Thanks for making me picture them

  2. Hi I am your #fmf neighbour! years ago I was given a 'word' about a pair of stripy boots that I was wearing! The person said that like my boots my life was full of colourful threads with the black threads woven through as well, and that it made an eye catching pattern that was beautiful and would draw people to the Father. I'm reminded of it by your line "its multi-coloured personality is etched in colourful rainbows on the canvas of its wings". Recently I've had rather more of the black on my wings, but this is a wonderful and timely reminder to notice the colours and to fly high again. grace and peace to you today.

  3. I am your #fmf neighbour. This was a timely and wonderful reminder to fly high, and let the colours show. Thank you.