Tuesday 16 September 2014


Tonight I was thinking about the movie entitled The king's Speech. I was thinking about one scene in particular. Where Lionel Logue, the speech therapist and his boys are sitting in his consulting room. One of the younger sons begs his dad to act out a scene from Shakespeare, Lionel is so excited about this, clearly the audience can tell he is used to doing this with his boys. The older one however is clearly bored and slightly irritated with this type of play, this is typical of teenagers, we've all been there. But the younger son is excited and enjoys the interaction with his dad.
Tonight while my husband and I were out, there was little boy bantering with his dad at the table next to us. The father was quite old but really gentle and patient with his little lisping, curly haired son. It's really cool to be that kind of dad. The kind of dad where your kid wants to enjoy your time. The kind of dad whose child is not afraid of him, the kind of dad that a kid can talk to and feel understood.

Sadly, so many children and adults never have this kind of earthly dad. Some fathers think its all about what you can buy a kid, so they work their entire lives away just to come home tired and when their children ask for some time, the father shouts in irritation. Or other fathers give time but never themselves. Whatever the case, I have known so many people who have felt the sting of an absent father, so I want to encourage all the parents out there don't waste the moments. Don't waste the moments with your children, because those silly moments of spontaneous fun those will be the moments your children remember.
I also want to share with all those reading this, that God really is a great Dad and He really does heal the broken father wounds that sit so deep within our hearts sometimes. He can heal and He can mend.
Blessings in Messiah!
I found an interesting article by Super Dad on dads and their daughters, here is the link!
Why dads should spend time with their daughters

Oh I had to add something that  I saw a few months back. My husband and I were sitting in a coffee shop waiting for someone when a couple with a little girl sat down next to us. The little girl could have been a year and half or so, because she was walking around with a big dummy in her mouth but she couldn't speak properly yet. Eventually she pulled the dummy out of her mouth and was making faces at me, I then started making funny faces back at her. At this stage her parents had their backs towards us, but she stood on the one side of her fathers leg and whenever I made a face at her, she would point her finger at her dad and look at him. As if to say "dont mess with me, do you know who my dad is!" It was so amusing that I kept pulling faces at her to see her response, and she kept pointing at her dad. I thought wow she just taught me something! Seriously, today whenever that enemy comes lurking around and pulls faces at me, I stick out my finger and point to my Heavenly Dad. Hey buster do you know who my dad is - well then stopping pulling faces at me because you about to get in some serious trouble!
Let's be bold, let's be confident as to who our Daddy is and what He is willing to do for us, because He literally moved Heaven for us when He came to earth to spread His arms and die on the tree for our lives.


  1. Visiting from Holley's Coffee for Your Heart and love this post. Our Daddy God is our Refuge and Defender - beautiful stories!

  2. Loving this! We have a perfect Father, even when our earthly dad fails us. How comforting! Here from Holley's link up.

  3. Hey Ladies! thank you so much for visiting and for your beautiful comments, amen! May you have a wonderful weekend! Blessings Aliyah

  4. It is heart breaking to see how a father can devastate their child, but when the relationship with dad is good, the foundation can hold.
    Coming from a confessed Daddy's girl :)