Friday 6 June 2014

Five Minute Friday - Hands

My favourite time! Five Minute Friday, where we get to write no editing, no going over it, nothing! Just from the heart for five minute... Here goes!


I remember singing the most beautiful song called Hands by the artist Jewel when I was 18. It went “These hands are small I know but they're yours they are my own, they're not yours, they are my own and I am never broken.” I have often marvelled at the beauty of my own hands and thought yeah I want these hands to matter – I want to be Gods Hands (the song says the same!). Over the past few months God has taken me on an incredible journey – a whirlwind to perhaps everything that was inside of me from time beginning but that was never awakened. The timing just wasn’t right, but now it is. I have taken up art and started painting. I am completing a drawing class. I have started a very brave journey doing pottery classes and most of all I am a writer, one of Gods poets and prophetic voices, I hold a pen. Lately, my prayer has been God use my hands to create what you want to for Your Kingdom because every poem, every pot, every painting and every piece is an instrument of Gods. I don’t paint for people, I paint for God and I paint to express my soul which is redeemed by the love of Yeshua – so naturally it is an expression of a side of Him. Hands, I love my hands. I have become so aware of peoples hands that I find myself looking over at other peoples hands in public. Three weeks ago I wrote a poem under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit for an upcoming event and Father kept telling me “the stories of your sisters (worldwide) lives are written on their hands.” This is the crux of the poem and the crux of our lives, what are you using your hands for today, what do they tell the world about you?
Psalm 24 – Who may ascend the Hill of God, only the one who has clean hands and a pure heart!



  1. Oh my friend... I am so glad that we are neighbors today over at Lisa-Jo's! How lovely and I am thrilled that you are diving in to Art in all it's beautiful forms!

  2. Hey Karrilee, I am glad too! You are too cool, thanks so much and have a great weekend!!