Thursday 26 June 2014

Bravery and Tears

I love you....
All of you...
My husband was out on his bicycle today, doing what he enjoys, just cycling. When without warning three men attacked him and brutally hit him and ran off with his bicycle. Thankfully there were people around and they were able to help him and call an ambulance within minutes. My husband is, praise God, okay but he has stitches in his face and a very sore body, this will take time to heal. Tonight we sat down to pray like we do every day and God gave us amazing promises and visions. In these moments I realised just how much strength God has given us and just how much knowing Him has helped us walk through this traumatic event. In South Africa human life is regarded has meaningless, the enemy has infiltrated the lives, hearts and homes of so many that South Africa has become overcome with evil. Just last year Father shared with us that His judgment is about to fall on this land and daily we see, know and understand why.
Bravery, just this week before this happened Father has been telling me “nothing can happen to you without my permission, the enemy has no power over you, no hold over you and no claim or right to you, Nothing can happen without my permission” (Job chapter 1). Today we are standing in all of God promises, today I am standing in Fathers justice and today I am trusting in all He has already accomplished and still will in the future. While the events of today were both horrible and traumatic I realised this evening, just how peaceful we have been in the midst of this. In the midst of the emergency room, the stitches, the xrays, the pain both in body, soul and spirit. In the midst of the confusion, the despair, the detectives at our house, the thoughts that came screaming in. In the midst of the negative words spoken by others when you just need a hug, in the midst of the why’s and the losses and in the midst of the enemy’s attack today. We cannot take glory, because just as the word says we are dust and clay but in this we love our King and I believe that what the enemy has intended for bad will turn around for good. In the midst of all these things, our King carries us through we not super human and we not just like sunny flowers, we really real and we really pain too. Tonight as I gave my hubby a hug I am so thankful that he is still here and still with me, I am thankful for this person I get to spend my life with everyday. Every day we know is a gift from God and today we were again aware of this reality. Our daily hugs and love is something God-given and God breathed. I pray and know tonight that many prayers are surrounding us and I know that we are  not the only ones going through something like this but others out there are walking through their own hardships too somehow that comforts me.
Father, again tonight You are a Gracious God, One of Love and kindness, of peace and of justice. Life is never always peaceful or breezy, its just really real and really messy sometimes. But Father You come and you clear the mess away and You restore it all. I love You tonight and pray for comfort, peace and strength to anyone out there who needs a touch of Your Hand tonight. We are overcomers, sojourners and just worshippers. Thank You for rest and peace in the name of our King Yeshua. 

(I’m having Coffee For Your Heart with my friend Holley Gerth)


  1. I'm your neighbor at Coffee For Your Heart. I pray for complete healing for your husband, comfort and protection for your family. You have a great outlook to keep focusing on our Father, His peace, love, and promises. Blessings to you!

    1. Thanks Anna! Many blessings to you. I praise God that He is the One who gives us Life - because of His Life we can look out with hope, because it gives it to us! We serve an awesome God!

  2. I am so incredibly sorry for what you have endured. My husband and I both used to cycle quite a bit, and we take for granted the relative safety we have in a different part of the world. Praising God that your husband is okay and for your witness.

  3. Thanks Amy. Cycling is so enjoyable and you right different parts of the world are so different - I was reading in Isaiah last night about when Messiah returns and how crime, violence and injustice will cease. I cannot wait for that day. Praising God with you in this situation, Father really did take care of my hubby. May you and your family be abundantly blessed in Messiah's unfailing Love!