Thursday 12 June 2014

Building Castles

I had a seriously amazing day today, you may ask what happened? And I will reply "hey God is so good, nothing has to happen, we just have to be." Wow, how I love this journey. Here's how it looked today with the lessons in between....
I started with drawing class this morning and boy was the room packed full of "stuff." When I mean stuff I mean these older gals just brought in so much emotional baggage that within 10 minutes of the lesson, my spirit was feeling nauseous. Needless to say everyone was complaining at the hard task we were given to do which resulted in the teacher having a meltdown. Needless to say I left class early (I was not complaining) and went to sit in a quiet coffee shop to as I affectionately call it, defrag. This is a special process. Defrag - the process of fitting things together to make a perfect place where the broken files and images are discarded so that everyone function again. Defrag the process of hearing God explaining the "what just happened there" moments. Defrag, it feels good. After a hot coffee by a warm fire, Father made sense of it all for me, for I was very confused about the class and the subsequent outbreak of student emotions.So on we go....
Lunch with hubby, grocery shopping where we both stood in the crisps aisle and danced like absolutely crazies, scaring one wide-eyed shopper away from the aisle altogether. Then off to the toy aisle where I spotted a pink dotted cow and shouted "OOOOH ITS SO PRETTY!" I was really excited while everyone else around me was stuck staring at me, wishing they were having so much fun.
Hometime, prayertime and then 20 minutes to fix my pottery work at the potter's place.
Over at the potters place, there is a lady who does painting workshops with kids. They were perched over on the opposite side of the room and shouting rambunctiously but over on my side, it was almost deserted. An elderly lady came in to the studio as I arrived and asked the pottery teacher to make her a bowl, the elderly lady was too scared to make it on her own.
Over to my right was a little girl minding her own business getting on with playing in the mud. She was about 10 or 11 and she was making a tree. A tree? You go girl!
I fixed my pottery work which took me about 20 minutes and then looked over at the little girl again - she was starting to make a castle - like farm abode and rolling out towers and turrets and stables. Sheez you really go girl! I sat watching her and I really enjoyed the stress-free vibe she was giving off. 

Here she was unfettered and unphased about the reality of her work. I mean let's face it, she was making a farm out of clay, what a task! I just wanted to hug her. Essentially that's the difference between the pressure the world puts on its people and the freedom of being a child. We were born with no concept of being perfect or "what if this farm cracks and the clays doesnt set properly and its heated wrong and oh gosh the horse's head is too big and my pig looks fat." No ways! We were born wild and free, unpenned and unchained, untamed and unfettered. The world has one mould and wants to shape its people in to that mould. God has billions of moulds - in fact He has trillions, you know how I know that? Because He has made trillions of people from the beginning of time to our current day and you know what! He uses a different mould for each one of us.
We not suppose to care about the cracks in our clay, or the dark blue smudge in our painting, who cares, life is too short! We have to take up our mould and say Father, recast me in to this mould, the one YOU wrote my name on because I am out of shape! Forget perfection, we need REAL, perfection is unattainable but boy freedom is beautiful and it scares the enemy let me tell you. Be daring, be real, go out on the limb and be you! I am crazy because I am free, I am amped to fly my kite, get dirty in the clay and have imperfect artworks that minister Yeshua's Hand because life is not about perfect, there is only One perfect Being and His name is Yahweh.
Love a Perfect God but be a real person, He died for you to enjoy the reality of being the valuable creation you were always destined to be, so take the gift and enjoy it!


  1. Aliyah,
    Thank you for the reminder to be free in the mold God has cast for my is a beautiful thing to create without stress just enjoy the process :) blessings to you :)

    1. Hey Dolly - you are a work of God in what you share on your blog and how you share it with the people around you. Thank you for your encouragement and blessing today, it means much to me. I truly pray Father will keep on molding you and shaping you until you reflect the Dolly He created you to be! A Vessel of honour for His Glory - so many blessings to you today in abundance! Aliyah