Friday 30 May 2014

The sweet art of Doing Nothing!

Five minute Friday, my favourite place in time. Writing for five minutes on the word prompt!

Word prompt for this week: Nothing! 
How excited I am to see today’s word prompt – NOTHING! Now that’s something I can relate to and talk about. Nothing, the “dolce far neinte” – the sweet art of doing nothing in Italian. The sweet art of just living, just being, just enjoying a coffee in the coffeeshop with nothing on your mind. Reading the newspaper but not really reading because you lost in the space of nothing and what can be better. The equilibrium of the emotions just steady and beating. Nothing. How we should make time for our nothing spaces because essentially our nothing spaces are  loaded with beautiful somethings, I find that I am better at creating words, paintings, art and all that lies in between, when I am in my nothing space. Nothing for me – is a space of rest, a space of trust, a space of God. Because its not nothing, its something. A few years ago my life was so filled with so many somethings that I had to burn out to learn about the glory of nothing. I love the spaces of nothing and I love how even as my hubby sits across the table from me right now watching the Giro D’Italia cycling race, we are both in this space of nothing and it fits and works so well. We have enjoyed the nothings so many times. I am living for my muffins and coffee nothings, my creative nothings and my space of God in it all. Let’s enjoy the nothings and truly take some tips from those Giro loving Italians and lets embrace the “dolce far niente” the sweet art of doing nothing. 
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  1. I love this and I seriously considered writing on this very topic - how wonderful it would be to just do nothing. Think about nothing. Have nothing on my to-do list. Sigh. Thank you for sharing this little spot of peace.

    1. Shalom Rebecca! I want to pray that you will enjoy this space of nothing in this new week that lies ahead and that in the nothing space God will just pour in to you and bless you. I read your post and can relate to it so much! May you be blessed!

  2. Oh, let's! In China they have a way of "just being." Sitting outside on the stoop, playing cards or cracking sunflower seeds or really doing nothing at all! It's wonderful, and something that we all need to learn.

  3. Beautiful post. Thanks for visiting me. Thanks for the prayers.
    Have a wonderful afternoon,