Friday 9 May 2014

For the Stolen Girls in Nigeria

Raindrops fall on to the window pane, in complex mosaics and grand designs.
Their lives touch my window pane, their forms are all unique and one of a kind.
The light catches their form and suddenly they become stars - Orion's belt and our Milky Way glean inside the frame and fill the nights hours with light.
The painting of light becomes alive and suddenly portrait pictures dance upon my pane, what beautiful wonder fills the glass. She dances on and on she dances.
I reach out and touch the glistening surface with my shadowed fingertips but draw back quickly, the glass is cold enough to harbour snow. The light seems to slow down and tears take their place, weeping the drops begin to fall. Their arms are not strong enough to hold on to a slippery surface that is so cold. My arms are not long enough as I watch them fall and then disappear as they reach the ground. Puddles of raindrops fill the clay beyond the pane and I hope beyond hope that they will again appear as stars to once again light the way.I hope against all hope and wish upon a star, mouthing silent prayers to the God who made it all. I am a raindrop and I need the rest of my family, for without the heaviness of our presence within society's clouds - drought will smother the ground.....

Tonight as I was praying, my heart broke for our sisters who have been brutally kidnapped and sold by Islamic terrorists in Nigeria. While I will refrain from venting my anger and horror at this atrocity, it is my earnest prayer that Father God will indeed bring HIS justice to prevail in this situation. I think of my beautiful sisters who are missing somewhere out there in Nigeria and I want to tell you my sisters that your voices are not silent and our ears are not deaf to your tears. They reach us and we promise prayers - prayers that will bring safety, security and freedom to you. We promise prayers that increase the length of our arms so that in our own freedom we will continue to fight for yours. We are all raindrops when formed together we create a beautiful tapestry of design hand painted by Yahweh, the Grand Designer of it all. I cannot help but feel the loss tonight, the loss of one sister chained. We link hands in an unseen place and together the heaviness of our call, our hearts and our redemption can change a spiritual drought - tormented world. Let us not give up hope that together we can shout out against atrocity and evil.
Sisters, your voices are not silent
and neither will ours be....
May our sisters in Nigeria and all over the world be brought home safely!

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