Sunday 4 May 2014

Come dance with Me.....

This evening while I was sitting in Yahweh and His beautiful presence of Love, I asked Him what message do you have for the blog Papa? I received something beautiful from Him to share with you. I believe it is specifically for one or two of you and Papa has a special dance for you tonight. A special call and whisper, for you to leave your bed and just dance with Him in the soft glow of the moonlight, no lights, just you and Him. This is what He shared for you......

Come, come you standing over there, you in the red dress, I see you and I want you to come dance with Me. Gently, gently come rest within my arms and on my chest, hear the beat of my heart slowly beating as we dance. Come rest, safe within my arms, the space within them is big enough for all of you, come rest within my arms, let me be your hiding place and hiding space. I have a place reserved for you, a place where we can dance together, a sanctified place, devoid of time. No one else exists in this space, it is beyond all and out of all. Come and dance with me, forget about them and all the things you think about and all the things you worry about and the things you want to say and talk about. Let’s dance. I hear your heart through the silence, through the silence our spirits speak to one another, I hear all you have to say, I am calling you in to the silence, in to the silence of Love. Love dresses me and Grace it dresses you oh beautiful one in the Red dress. You are Mine and I am yours, rest..... I am calling you in to my space of Love and Rest, sanctified, rest..... I have space large enough for all of you and all you carry with you – trust me, be faithful and rest, I am here, never left you. Come, come out on to the porch and dance with me in the moons lights, leave your bed behind come out and dance, I am waiting for you tonight. Yeshua”


  1. This is beautiful and a timely word for a dear sister! Thank you for faithfully publishing it!

    1. Thanks you my sister! Amen and HalleluYah Praise Yeshua - may His beautiful love wash over all His precious loved ones who so need His tender touch. Thank you for being a blessing in all you do.