Friday 28 July 2017

FMF - He Stops Here

Five Minute Friday! A time to write from the heart for 5 whole minutes, here goes! 

Wednesday was going to be a busy day, time spent driving from location to location, place to place, to my hairdresser, to my moms work, to the beautitian, to the doctor, to the mall, to hubby's hairdresser and then home in the traffic and to sneak in some food somewhere. As hubby and I got in to the car, I prayed and asked Father to bless our day, to not let it be stressful or crazy but for us to enjoy the day and its busyness. As we drove through the thick traffic we barely made the first appointment in time, poor start I thought. But as I sat in the hairdressers chair, the same one I've had for ten years, she asked me some questions and our conversation turned towards an area of life I had not spoken much about. A new something brewing in my heart. She listened and then poured honest, sincere encouragement all over me. We have totally different spiritual beliefs and lifestyles but her words were refreshing and God was shining His love through her to me. I felt inspired, and peaceful. When I finally got to the doctors room, the doctor I was going to see had left so I saw the other doctor, I had seen once before. She was kind and we spoke for such a long time and something drew me to share with her, some private thoughts. She empathised in sincerity and we spoke about our common faith, she knew what I was facing internally and I felt safe, at peace, inspired, refreshed and so so grateful. I smiled the whole way home. God had really travelled with me from my morning prayer and through the flesh and blood people I had seen. Such love and encouragement, I barely expected it because to be honest, it doesnt happen often with me. God knew and He still does, He knows what we need, what you need and He shows up in greater ways then we imagined, to encourage, refresh and to inspire and through that I am truly truly grateful!

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  1. This is beautiful! I love how God meets us in such personal, intimate ways when we open our heart to Him. With your heart "tenderized" by prayer, the day was filled with divine encounters. And I'm absolutely certain those other people were blessed by you too. I love that!! Keep writing, sister! Your words matter. #fmfparty

    1. Hey Kelly, thank you so much for visiting today. Your encouragement was just what I needed. I been thinking do my words in the "blogosphere" matter, thank you! I'm refreshed by you too. God is really good. And certainly you are an encourager who is a blessing too many I'm sure :) Bless you and much love today!

  2. Day like that - they are seared in our memories and sustain us when the crazy gets the best of us! You captured it all so beautifully in 5 minutes!

  3. "God knew and He still does, He knows what we need, what you need and He shows up in greater ways then we imagined, to encourage, refresh and to inspire us." Amen!