Thursday 15 October 2015

Treasure in a Gluten - Free Aisle

The wandered around the aisle pickng up foreign packets of noodles. Tossing through the very many overwhelming options I could see they were out of their comfort zone in the midst of the gluten free department. But while it caught my attention, I gave it little thought. Most people do paleo or banting these days but most are not interested in a healthy lifestyle, well this has been my experience anyway. And since my change to real wholesome gluten free living,
I have become increasingly aware of the food decisions I need to make.

So as I steadied my hand on my trolley, I leaned over to them and politely informed them that gluten free food was cheaper across the road at the mall. They burst into conversation with questions about their daughters gluten and lactose allergies. And we stood together, this mom and her two daughters chatting about where, how, if and but! I saw their overwhelmed faces, I had been there and still sometimes wonder how to keep on keeping on, especially when trying to bake gluten free bread by hand! But gently and patiently I shared some useful tips things I had learned and am still learning. It was rewarding to see some of their anxiety alleviated and as I walked away from strangers who had suddenly morphed into friends through our common experiences, I felt refreshed. 

To give something that is uniquely me, to give something uniquely my own, to help someone completely unknown, it refreshed me. Drew me into the Love of God and made me feel content. It's amazing how something an unexpected as food can connect us in a moment and its amazing how the things we dont expect will helps others, really can. I am learning afresh how everything in my life, from writing for a magazine, to taking a dog for a walk or smiling at a stranger can change our lives. I say our, because it changes mine and it changes someone elses. Years ago when I first started university, I had this desire to change the world and when God opened up opportunities for me to do just that, I just stood back and watched Him weaving His Magic in to it all. I always wanted to touch people out there, the secular, the broken and along the way I got confined in my mind. Focussing perhaps on a more narrow vision and now as God opens up different doors where I am placed again in the midst of people who do not know Him, I am reminded how I can touch them through being myself. Sometimes our vision narrows but He is in the expanding business, my words on paper that He weaves through me, may not seem spiritual but they carry a fragrance of the Spiritual because I am one with Him. My smile may not seem divine, but it is a heavenly one because I am a fragrance among the dieing (2 Corinthians 2:15). Narrow vision go away, today is yet a very new expanding day!!

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  1. It's amazing how giving a little of yourself brings out the best in you - Him. He finds so much pleasure in the treasure of such a moment He draws near and the experience shared it special:Drew me into the Love of God and made me feel content. I call these one-on-one moments the giving of fresh water to the thirsty. They see, but they don't know what it it is, but they just know there's something different. In your encounter with them they encounters Christ in you the hope of glory. Wow! thank you Holy Spirit for dwelling in the hearts of mere men and women. Thank you for sharing my dear sister - shalom!