Friday 2 October 2015

Daddy's Big Tent

Five Minute Friday Time, Unedited writing for five miutes, whatever's on the heart! This week the word is family, GO!

This week I met a wonderful family who adopted two kids from China. A little boy and a little girl. My heart was warmed by their story of  adoption because China and the orphans of China, are so close to my heart. My heart particularly gets all riled up over the issue of Gendercide which has stolen millions of baby girls from our world. Beautiful children who were intentionally killed for no other reason but because they were girls, (you can read my post on Gendercide here - Gendercide )  So to see the pictures of these beautiful kids with their mama and papa and two biological kids, it really blessed me.

This week we are celebrating the biblical feast of Booths, or tabernacles. Tabernacles is known as the season of our Joy. Solomon's Temple was dedicated during the Feast of Tabernacles and its a feast we should continue to celebrate today! At the beginning of this week when the festival begun, in my spirit I saw a picture of Daddy God underneath a big Sukkah (booth or canopy) and His arms were open wide, gathering all these children in to His arms. He was laughing so widely and the children were so vastly different, from every nation, tribe and tongue. Father has a big tent where He longs to tabernacle with us, His children, He longs to swoop us up in to HIs arms and love us. He has adopted us made us His own and delighted to do that! We are part of His family and my hearts prayer is that these little girls and boys in China, will likewise be part of a loving family, a special home where a Loving Father and Mother will adore them in good pleasure and in joy!


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