Monday 26 October 2015

God's Polaroid

I pulled the prayer shawl over my arms. It was not to keep warm, it was to pray, to plea, to hold on tightly. It was the place of comfort, the reminder that He shelters me with His own prayer shawl (PSalm 91). And then I walked outside beneath the dark charcoal sky and silver stars all watching me from above. I grabbed hold of the tzitzit on the ends of my shawl and I cried. 

Tears that ran deep and that drew me into Comfort Arms. Just as I closed my eyes something moved in the distance, as if the whole sky moved. I opened my eyes and cocked my head, waiting. I peered over to the right, to where our very own Mount Sinai lay. I waited and then suddenly the whole sky lit up and I caught a glmipse of lightnings tail that slapped the earth. A cool breeze picked up and whipped across my face. I closed my eyes and rested in God's embrace. And then my own words, the once I had used to comfort my cat in last months thunderstorm, they rolled into my heart.

"God is taking your photograph, look He is using His big flash, so that He can capture you right here, right now. His favourite one, so He can remember you when He holds your polaroid in His Hand. How He loves to photograph you."

And just like that His very promise rang true. The one He has given me, You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book. (Psalm 56:8) And His arms that throw lightning to the ground, the arms that spin the world on its axis and hold the galaxies upright, they wrapped around me firmly. And His promise to record my tears and justify this cause, it breathed like a spring rain on barren ground and I relaxed into His Love beneath the shining sky. Loved and comforted with a grateful heart. How I love You Father.

*Side note! Last week, I found this amazing story of a father who wrote an amazing anti-bullying song for his daughters. Please listen to the song, every woman should hear this, I sing the chorus often! Here is the link:
I'm Worth it!

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  1. Lovely post. Beautiful sign from God - He loves you, hears you and understands your sorrow. I am your neighbour at Playdates. Would love to see you at Sunday Stillness too.