Thursday 26 March 2015

The Fire within our Stories - Arise Journal

Shalom Friends

This week, our E - Book Windows across Oceans has been featured in the wonderful Arise Journal. When I sat down to write the piece which appears in Arise this week, I was (and still am) deeply aware of somewhere new God wants to lead me to. In prayer I kept on seeing burnt ground and my hands open with seeds floating out of it. The fires that devastated Cape Town this month impacted me deeply and spiritually. In truth, my husband I have and continue, to face burnt ground in our own lives, yet God promises deeply and intensely, the reality of new life. Green shoots and turning soil. 

 As I wrote this article, based on so much that was turning over in my own heart I came to see how God wants me to be a link in a chain of seeds. Windows across Oceans was the beginning point, now I am living with hands open to the seeds God is giving me on burnt ground. Right here is where these seeds are destined to flow from, a place where each heart and each story is a seed for something greater. I am standing in faith, knowing that a "Burnt Ground" section of this blog is starting up and as the Holy Spirit gives me seeds, they are not for myself, they are for a deeper cause. They are for you and for Yeshua. Love touches, tender moments and spiritual realities. These seeds may come in the form of songs, poems, stories or heart truths that God prompts me to share from others. I have no idea where all this is going but it has no beginning and no end. In truth it's already going because the stories that have been shared over this past month on the blog and in Windows across Oceans, they are seeds and thank you for being part of it. I really want to ask you to read the article over at Arise this week, it shares my heart behind this amazing book. I was also so encouraged this afternoon when this article in Arise went live, because so many spiritual sisters came over from Arise and made purchases of our book. Praise God! May you be blessed and let's do our part together for His Kingdom and for the lives around us! 

 As I sat down to write my first blog post for Women's History Month, I heard the devastating news that a wild, uncontainable fire was ripping through our beloved city of Cape Town. From the veranda of our house, we could see the flames burning like molten lava some seventy kilometers away. My heart just broke. For five consecutive days, evacuations took place, animals were hurt, and people lost their lives and homes. All the while, firefighters, men and women, never gave up. They worked shifts that stretched over thirty hours. They refused to go home; they refused to give up even while five thousand hectares (12,355 acres) of land lay burning. They saved lives and homes, rescued animals, and gave the people of Cape Town hope...... To read the rest of this article click the following link
The Fire within our Stories

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